Vicky Galasso
Chicago Bandits – Professional Softball
Team Bio | Twitter: @vickynoticky

BSN: We hear a lot about difference in recruiting. Talk about your recruitment to Idaho State University?
VG: My whole recruiting process was a little unconventional. I was being recruited by a big school my junior year and then that fell through, I was left unsigned in the fall of my senior year and was about to go to a JC back home in Southern California, when Coach Julie Wright came into the picture as the first year coach at ISU. She took me on a visit and it was very different to say the least, but what sold me was her vision for not only myself as an individual, but for building a program from the ground up and being an underdog, which was super appealing to me.

BSN: Discuss your time in Pocatello with Idaho State University and how you believe that prepared you for playing professionally?
VG: My time in Pocatello was some of the best years of my life. I was able to be there when we were dead last in my conference, and turn it around to finish first in the Big Sky three years after that. I believe that was the best preparation for me to go pro….coming from behind and having to work harder than anyone out there just to simply build a name for ourselves, and that is something I think prepared me for this pro league where not many people have heard my name before. Coach Wright always emphasized becoming a strong and confident woman on and off the field, which is my new mantra for the next chapter here.

BSN: During your time at ISU, you had the chance to work with one of the best pitchers ever in Jessica Moore. What do you think the biggest lessons are that you learned from her both for softball and life?
VG: Jess was a huge part of my success at ISU. Just having her throw to us everyday was a large part in making me a better and smarter hitter as my career went on. She offered insight on pitch calling, approaches, and just life advice that I soaked up like a sponge. She was a great mentor for me and really took me under her wing as a mentor. She was texting me before my NPF tryouts just encouraging me and telling me how ready I am….I really appreciate her and what she does for me.

BSN: Discuss your decision to go to Chicago for the NPF tryouts, your tryout and your initial thoughts when you found out you’d be offered a contract?
VG: I was planning on trying out ever since I didn’t get drafted in April, and I was pretty nervous going into it just because I didn’t know what to expect at all. I had never been to Chicago let along a tryout like this so the whole process was intense to say the least. I just went all in and bought a one way ticket, brought all the clothes I could fit in my suitcases, and told myself I wouldn’t be coming back because I was going to make a team. When I got offered a contract by the Bandits GM I was excited, relieved, and so happy that what I have been dreaming about since I was an 8 year old was coming true.

BSN: Looking forward into the NPF season, what pitcher are you looking forward to facing the most and why?
VG: Probably Cat Osterman, just because she is a boss.

BSN: Having now gone through your first weekend as a professional softball player discuss your experience? .
VG: The experience has been really exciting so far, and all of the girls from the Bandits are super welcoming to me. I was a little nervous about the level of play, but after this weekend I know I can not only survive but compete at this level with the girls here. It is a great opportunity for the sport to grow and for girls ending their collegiate career to pursue their passion in their prime. I am just super thankful.

BSN: Talk about your expectations for the upcoming season?
VG: Even though I have only been with the Bandits for a week now, I know that we will compete and be at the top of the league in August. We not only have talent, but players with awesome character and who are willing to do it for the girl next to them. I am hoping to do my part and make an impact for them in any way possible.

BSN: What should the softball community know about Vicky Galasso that they may not know at this point?
VG: I also love surfing, snowboarding, traveling, and spending most of my times outdoors exploring. Also, one of my dreams is to be a leader in FCA and help speak life into athletes around the world.

BSN: Currently you plan to go back to ISU after the NPF season. Outside of softball you have a strong passion for strength and conditioning. Talk about your plans after the season?
VG: I am planning on becoming a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist once this summer is over. As I return to ISU, I want to spend half my time in the weight room, and the other half on the softball field! I have a huge passion for fitness, and believe in the power of fitness in getting a team to the next level, so learning about that is a passion of mine.

BSN: What is your advice for aspiring collegiate athletes? What do you look to share more than anything based on your previous experiences?
VG: Don’t ever give up on what you want to do…If there is a desire and a dream that’s been put in your heart and it won’t go away, then go for it. Don’t let anybody or anything stop you from pursuing it, and let your past push you forward instead of drag you down…because you never know who is watching you and learning from what you do.