Beyond Sports Network is NOT a free network. Our membership options are $9.99 per month, $24.99 per month ($5 savings) or $99.99 per year (Save two months). We provide an exclusive access to our members that will help them stay ahead of the game. We give our members with an experience that cannot be found anywhere online that helps athletes document and showcase their entire careers in one place, learn from certified professionals in numerous disciplines, connect with athletes from all over the world, network with coaches/scouts at the next level, receive updates on events, tryouts and combines and finally a place that was built specifically for the athletic world. BSN is not for everyone. BSN is for serious athletically minded individuals that want an athletic based community where they can grow as an individual regardless of the level of athletics you work or compete(d) at! Our network can and will help you advance your abilities, opportunities and personal growth!

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