Braxton Miller, a fifth-year Senior communications major from Springfield, Ohio, has finally made the transition from quarterback to wide receiver. The 6’2, 220 lbs, former Heisman candidate, had culminated a record of 28-8 as a starter. He had previously missed his first senior season because a shoulder injury that occurred in the 2014 Discover Orange Bowl loss against Clemson. Now as a medical redshirt, the senior has an opportunity to showcase his talents at wide receiver. He has demonstrated the playmaking abilities time and time again. This year, it won’t be completely under center or out of the shotgun, but lined up on the perimeter.

Braxton’s 40-yard dash last year, a slashing 4.32 will be put to the test. And according to Urban Meyer, he’ll still be a force on the field,” [he’s a] full-time receiver].”

This was certainly answered vastly this past Monday against Virginia Tech. Now, he cannot be judged based on just one game’s performance, after starting 36 prior games at quarterback. But, his abilities at receiver were showcased and highlighted in grand fashion. He had captivated the nation by storm with his arsenal moves at display.

Braxton surely silenced those critics expecting the 6’2, 220-pound receiver to transfer to Florida State. It may not be paying dividends at the current moment, especially playing the position he had hoped, but he’ll start to reap the benefits sooner or later at this rate.

We know for a fact that one/third of the question at quarterback has been answered. Cardale Jones and J.T. Barrett both are also proven Heisman candidates for this year. Once the game was really decided in the beginning of the 4th quarter, Jones got an opportunity to rest as Barrett played the rest of the game at quarterback.

However, Miller is not competing for a job, except for the ball to be thrown his way or for his number to be called out of the backfield. Either way, defenses pick your poison, as he will be prepared to find daylight once a seam is provided. Now, this telling story has happened before with a thrilling dual-quarterback.

Denard Robinson, former Michigan quarterback also efficiently made the transition to running back/wide receiver. Unfortunately, for him this wasn’t until he made it to the NFL. Robinson, who now plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars, had a breakout season in 2014. He had 135 rushing attempts for 582 rushing yards and 4 touchdowns, along with 23 receptions for 124 receiving yards.

Now, since Braxton in his last year of eligibility in college can truly continue to grow at his new position.

Miller became the first player at Ohio State since Ted Ginn Jr., to have 50 receiving yards with a TD and 50 rushing yards with a TD in the same game.

Miller had 6 rushes for 62 rushing yards and a touchdown. This rushing touchdown came off an electrifying 54-yard run when he was lined up under center. Braxton was far from done, as he had 2 receptions for 78 receiving yards and one touchdown.

Throughout his career, Miller has accumulated 3, 116 rushing yards and 33 touchdowns. Expect him to increase this rushing total, as his comfortability will also continue to pique. If this game at Virginia Tech wasn’t an indication that he’s a true athlete, I don’t know what will. This chapter for Ohio State will continue unfolding every second with episode one in the books. Look ahead for this headlining saga to intensify each week.