With Cleveland Browns training camp beginning tomorrow, there are new faces as there is every year. A new year, a new start, and a new search for talent. The Browns made several quality picks in this previous draft, and also picked up quite a few rookie free agents hoping to make the squad. Of course all eyes are on Johnny Manziel and whether or not he will finally hit the straight and narrow and become the face of the franchise. But this year is slightly different; Johnny isn’t the only one drawing media and fans to training camp. This year there is a familiar face in Berea hoping to make a splash in the city of Cleveland. His name is Terrelle Pryor.

Pryor was a hometown hero playing for the buckeyes from 2008-2010. He was arguably the highest recruited athlete coming out of high school back in 2008, and was a standout stud whilst playing for the Buckeyes. But Pryor never amounted to what we had all hoped thus far in his pro career. He has bounced from team to team after being picked up by the Raiders in the supplemental draft. Terrelle has spent time with Oakland, Seattle, Kansas City, Cincinnati, and now arrives in Cleveland. Only now he is not a quarterback.

The addition of a Pryor was originally mocked. The guy has had a subpar NFL career thus far and has failed to keep his head on straight for the majority of the time. To add on to the mockery, he is now switching positions and starting over. But is this really something to mock Browns fans, NFL fans? Pryor stands 6 4 at 230 pounds and runs the 40 under 4.4. His main criticism at quarterback was that he used his athletic ability to much and evaded the pocket. He missed reads, and took the ball himself, and actually played better when on the run using his speed and agility. So why not Pryor?

Recent media has stated Pryor has been hard at work focusing on learning the route tree. Pryor is studying film, working out, and trying to add weight to his already immense stature. Terrelle has natural athletic ability to play the sport, and wide receiver could be a position where he can let it all hang out. If he is the pre madonna diva we all assume him to be then he will fit right in with the rest of the receivers in this league.

So I am going to make a bold statement here and say this: Pryor will make this team. If I am the Browns I am desperate for talent, especially at the receiver position. You signed Brian Hartline a glorified possession receiver and a Dwayne Bowe who was in the end zone as often as I this past season. Pryor is working hard, he has reached out to Randy Moss for help, he wants to make this switch and regain his once great football reputation in the state of Ohio. Put Pryor on this team and let him sit. Don’t get your hopes up and expect a big impact this year, maybe a few eyes will open towards the end of the season once he gets the system and position down. But keep him around for a year and see what you got. Crazier things have happened in the NFL. Why can’t Terrelle Pryor the receiver be one of them?