Princeton Product: Quinn Epperly

Year in and year out we have talented players come through the Beyond Sports Network National Scouting combine. Each year, we find players from all walks of life, from Division 1 walk on to Community College stud; we are a melting pot of talent that comes to us from all around the country. This year we had the privilege of meeting and watching a talented young quarterback compete at our combine: Quinn Epperly. Epperly falls perfectly into our melting pot of talent as he reigns as a former Princeton Tiger.

Quinn was born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee and played four years at the prestigious Princeton. The former tiger was the 2013 Ivy League Player of the year, and also holds the NCAA completion record by starting a game with 29 straight completions. Although Princeton is not known for its athletic programs in mainstream sports, Epperly assisted in changing this reputation. In a four year career where Epperly started his sophomore through senior seasons; Quinn had some impressive stats. The Princeton alumni threw for nearly 4,000 yards, 35 touchdowns, and finished his career with a passer completion percentage of 62 percent.

Epperly’s arm and ability to read defenses is second to none. However, the Knoxville product has more to offer than just an arm and smarts. Epperly has the speed of the wide receiver and uses his 6’2 220 pound frame to bowl defenders over when they get in his way. Epperly finished his career at Princeton with nearly 1500 yards rushing, and 38 rushing touchdowns. When speaking with Quinn, the quarterback claims that he could play at a high level at either the running back or receiver position. And after looking at his stats on the ground at Princeton… I’d say he’s right.

Epperly is a southern humble individual with a passion for the game. Quinn started playing the game he loves at just 6 years old and has never looked back since. Although playing football professionally wasn’t always the dream, Epperly claims a conversation with a friend is the reason he switched lanes and decided to pursue a career in football. Epperly stated that his friend simply asked him, “ why not you?” He took these three words to heart and decided that playing football professionally was not only an option for Quinn, but a realistic one given his gifted skill set.

Off the field Quinn is a married man and is very family oriented. Epperly is currently in the process of beginning a real estate business with his wife, in which he hopes, will take off soon. He also takes pride in flipping houses that contribute to his real estate profession, and hopes to one day give back to football and assist in coaching young quarterbacks.

Since the quarterback attended the 2017 National Scouting Combine, he has received notice from professional organizations. Since his stellar combine, Epperly was invited to a tryout with the Montreal Alouettes, attended the University of Tennessee pro day, has an upcoming tryout for the Washington Valor, and received an invite to minicamp with the Dallas Cowboys.

Quinn Epperly is a talented prospect that has assisted in putting Princeton back on the map in football. You can check out some of Quinn’s combine results and highlights on his page at