“I have been using Beyond Sports Network since its inception, and the event has grown impressively each year, both in size and quality. Getting in front of teams and performing in a professionally run event is a positive for both scouts and players alike. We love the event and have signed two players from BSN that became impact players for us. We look forward to continuing this trend in the future.” – Ted Goveia CFL (Winnepeg Bluebombers Assistant General Manager / Director of Player Personnel)

“I attended the BSN combine because my university only had one scout at the pro day and he wasn’t likely to share my results. I took a chance at BSN’s first combine. At the time, I’d never met my agent and he’d never seen me run, but he said if my numbers were true he could find me a job. BSN verified my numbers and my agent followed through with a free agency signing with the Jaguars. BSN has the capacity to turn a 4 second sprint into a career on the field.” – Chad Kackert CFL Grey Cup Winner & MVP (Toronto Argonauts)

The BSN combine for me was the sole opportunity in more than a dozen combines, and tryouts where I actually felt I got legitimate exposure. The BSN combine helped to establish me a potential camp roster spot in the CFL. From there it was obviously my own hard work and effort that allowed me to make a roster, but without the BSN the opportunity to do so wouldn’t have been possible. – Brian Brikowski CFL (Montreal Allouettes)

“I was impressed with the BSN event. I made friends that I still keep in contact with, coaches and players alike, and the event generated interest in me as a player that I have been able to take advantage of. It launched my professional playing career and I would recommend it to any of my fellow players who don’t know how to get into professional football.” – Oliver Lumpkin CIF (Duke City Gladiators)

Pursuing a career in professional football from a small school is a lonely path. A prospect may have the support of his peers, family, and teammates, but the process can be overwhelming and very confusing. Often times small school prospects don’t have access to the resources provided to prospects at football powerhouses. “How can I get myself in front of scouts? How can I prove to them that I can play at the next level?” These are only a few of the many questions that race through a potential prospects mind on a daily basis.

The Beyond Sports Network National Combine helped simplify this process for many of the players that attended, including myself. Despite the combine being held for a few days, the information and services provided by the combine, as well as the sense of community between the staff members and prospects stood out to me. Every test that would be performed at the NFL combine was covered, every coach and staff member supported each prospect to an unbelievable extent, and the amount of scouts and agents in attendance and how interactive they were was impressive.

The Beyond Sports Network National Scouting Combine was a critical step in attempting to take my talents to the next level. If you are a small school prospect with no clear path to the next level, the National Scouting Combine will certainly clear up the path for you. – Schnayder Termidor NFL (NY Giants)

BSN gave me the platform I needed to be respected as a athlete. I came to there first Combine in 2010. I was pulled by every NFL, CFL scout. At that time there were a couple really good WRs including a SEC top WR who NFL scouts were coming to see. Once I put up good #s in my Testing Drills, we did one on ones. I showed my great covering skills to the point all the scouts herd the WRs talking and asking who was this guy. Then BSN promoted me and my numbers and I received workouts on all levels. I became a name in the business. Having legit numbers and respectable organization backing you is what you need. Everyone can say they can play and perform but coaches and scouts don’t believe you. BSN gives you the stage to perform and prove them wrong and get the opportunity you deserve. Because of BSN I was able to create a long professional career and when needed comeback to prove I could still play at a high level. – Cedeno Patrick CFL/ AFL (Las Vegas Outlaws)

“I highly recommend this showcase to any football players who is serious about pursuing a professional football career. Since I played ball at a small 1AA school, my exposure to scouts wasn’t as high as what the 1A guys were getting. During the showcase, I was able to make connections with scouts, other players, the entire BSN Staff and former and current pro coaches who I still keep in contact with today. Competing in drills and scrimmages allowed me to really see how I compared to everyone else in terms of skill and ability. The BSN Showcase helped get my name out there, and a few months later, I found myself in Rookie Mini Camp with the NY Giants.” – Kevin Doty, Lafayette College NFL (NY Giants)

“The National Scouting Combine gave me the chance to play pro football and for that I’m very grateful. To be able to tell my future kids that I played pro football is a really special thing to me.” – Collin Keoshian AFL (Cleveland Gladiators)

“I would totally recommend it to anyone who needs exposure to display that they have the tools to make it to the next level of ball.” – Matt Zakzrewski 2017 (RPFL Detroit Generals)

“I believe to this day was a blessing from God. If it wasn’t for him my career would’ve stopped at USD, grateful!” – Jeremy Blount 2012 (CFL Winnepeg)

“I think the combine was great, both the event and results presentation online. European athletes have to understand that they need to go for the shot and get their asses across the pond and show what they got.” – Okko Outinen 2017 (Helsinki Roosters)

“National Scouting Combine gave me an opportunity to step out side the box. To promote myself to a later audience. It was helpful in that since and I’m glad I went.”

“The National Scouting Combine affected me greatly and I’m glad I was invited after the combine I spoke with a few CFL scouts and Ended up playing professional arena for the blitz and Chicago eagles”

“The National Scouting Combine has affected me a great deal because I have been contacted by different teams over the past months. BSN is a great platform if your very serious about getting to the next level. They can help you get seen!”

“It helped me a lot because it got me in contact with Russ Lande who invited me to a Montreal workout which landed me in Canada.
I talked to many teams through out the process and my agent was in contact with few NFL teams as well. I was on Montreal Allouettes for roookie mini camp.”

“I received a contract from the Central Penn Capitals and a workout with the Columbus Lions for 2017.”

“The National Scouting Combine affected me in a positive way. With football I learned my strengths and my weaknesses that I need to improve on. I also built some relationships with the coaches from the combine.”