The top U23 men’s amateur league in North America lives in the USL League Two, the developmental ground for elite players. The regular season will consist of 14 regular season matches, 7 home and 7 away. The schedule is augmented by participation in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup and various exhibitions. Players have the ability to compete throughout the summer months maintaining the collegiate eligibility. The league is the proving ground for players that aspire to reach the highest levels of the game. In the past six years combined, 70% of all MLS draftees played in the PDL.

NameHTWT40 (1)40 (2)60 (1)60 (2)VJ (1)Shuttle (1)Shuttle (2)TRAZER RAS-90
Bernardo Majano5' 9"1745.214.867.327224.885.09N/A
Lewis Long IV5' 10"1664.994.927.087.0225.54.91N/A54
Tyler Clegg6' 3.75"1964.97N/A7.05N/AN/A4.72N/A51
Carlos Vasquez5' 9"1745.
Jhonny De Souza6' 1.75"1684.884.746.926.77274.665.0949
Valdir De Souza5' 8.5"1654.87N/A7.11N/AN/AN/A5.1953
Timi MulgrewN/AN/A4.94.946.977.03N/AN/AN/AN/A
DJ Charlton5' 10.75"1714.744.796.766.81264.844.8247
Tyrone Madhani5' 11.5"1844.965.037.017.0629.55.15N/A56
Ethan Emmons5' 10.5"1694.775.026.737.230.54.85N/A49
Ivanoel Alexandre5' 9.5"159N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Kevin Nadeau5' 10"1845.614.747.696.7632N/AN/A57
Jesper Evensen6' 0.5"2035.34N/A7.61N/A4.974.7555
Cisco Thomas 5' 8"1485.125.047.337.2326.54.724.8855
Jack Kramer5' 11.5"1555.145.027.317.2264.93N/A50
Cristian Fuentes 5' 11"1784.884.856.936.9225.54.63N/A61
Huseyin Celik5' 8"1615.
Loannis Kiotsekoglou5' 9"1385.2N/A7.7N/A26N/AN/A49
Jordan Simpson5' 11"1844.824.826.86.81264.884.6656
Erik Espinoza5' 11"171N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
PJ Amponsah5' 10"1664.844.756.876.7631.54.784.8151
Carter SadinN/AN/A5.084.997.27.1427.54.724.9149
Camarri Johnson 5' 6.5"1604.844.826.926.87294.66N/A53
Will MajanoN/AN/A4.844.836.926.8928.34.66N/A57
Sonna BaldehN/AN/A4.764.826.776.86235.094.7842