Premier Testing Event

Exclusive “invite only” event that bridges the gap between athletes and professional teams.

Beyond Sports Network provides each participant with the highest level of testing standards that showcases their abilities to coaches & scouts from all pro leagues. Athletes who are not invited to the NFL Combine have another proven method to showcase themselves at the BSN National Scouting Combine!

Professional Testing

BSN provides unique “Athletic Performance Testing” that includes a comprehensive standardized performance assessment. Every event is professionally run the same way, in every location, and held to the highest standards period.

Efficiently Run

Your experience at our exclusive event(s) matters to us! “Time is money” and even though our events are 100% free, we provide efficiently run events that operate smoothly and end on time. 

National Location

We provide a national event that athletes can attend if they have received an exclusive invitation from our scouts. Attending the National Scouting Combine is the ultimate pro day experience.

Hi-Tech Partners

We provide some of the best technology at our testing events through strategic partnerships. This exclusive data that we collect and send on to college coaches cannot be found at any other combine in the country!

Event Results

We provide your results & film to the pro leagues.

The information and data that we gather is unmatched and paves the way of identifying top talent for coaches, scouts, teams and leagues across all levels.

Combine Results

We promote the testing results to the coaches and scouts at the various professional levels.

Combine Film

All of the drills are filmed and provided on our website and via email to the coaches and scouts at the various professional levels.

Player Info

Along with the results & film, we provide all the player info, experience and contact info to the pro leagues.

Combine Specifics

Professional Testing

Beyond Sports Network provides each participant with the highest level of testing standards that showcases their abilities to pro coaches & scouts.

40 Yard Dash

The most recognizable test of speed at any combine.

Vertical Jump

The best test for determining strength of explosiveness 

Broad Jump

A show of explosiveness combined with flexibility and balance.

225 Bench Press

A show of sheer strength and stamina

Pro Agility

To test and athlete’s ability to stop-start and change of direction.

3-Cone Drill

The 3-Cone will test your change of direction with speed and control.


The ultimate test to determine an athlete’s agility and reaction ability.

My experience at the National Scouting Combine was an extremely positive one.

Coming from a small school (Bryant University – Division I AA), opportunities to showcase my athleticism and measurables to pro scouts were scarce. However, Jimmy and his team gave me that opportunity when they put together a first-class event, in an outstanding venue and invited hundreds of players that had been overlooked or just wanted the opportunity to showcase their abilities. The connections, advice and coaching I received at the 2018 National Scouting Combine were priceless, as many pro scouts and coaches began to get in contact with me during and immediately after the combine. Jimmy and his team did an outstanding job of incorporating new, cutting edge technologies into the combine, while inviting well-respected coaches, scouts and former professional players to run the drills and provide coaching. Jimmy provided me with a platform to chase my dream of playing professional football that I would not otherwise have had, and in turn is part of the reason why many CFL teams took interest in me, why I was invited to Rookie Minicamps with the Jets and Texans and why I have now signed with the Orlando Apollo’s of the new Alliance of American Football League. The invitation to the 2018 National Scouting Combine was a blessing to me and my career and I would recommend any and all small school or overlooked college football player to attend and take advantage of this combine that, with Jimmy leading it, will continue to get better every single year.

Matt Sewall
Bryant University ‘18, WR – Orlando Apollos (AAF)

“I have been using Beyond Sports Network since its inception, and the event has grown impressively each year,

both in size and quality. Getting in front of teams and performing in a professionally run event is a positive for both scouts and players alike. We love the event and have signed two players from BSN that became impact players for us. We look forward to continuing this trend in the future.”

Ted Goveia CFL
(Winnepeg Bluebombers Assistant General Manager / Director of Player Personnel)

As a sports agent it is my job to secure jobs for the athletes that I represent.

In order to do so you must provide professional scouts with verified numbers, film and opportunity for them to see the athlete in a workout setting. I met Jimmy Kibble six years ago through mutual contacts at one the Beyond Sports Network events that he was hosting for free agent athletes. The events that Jimmy has hosted have proved to be a valuable resource for me to use verified testing numbers to provide professional football personnel in promotion of my client’s services. Jimmy’s events are professional run, very well organized and structured and they attract a lot of high caliber athletes. I will continue to advise my clients to attend Jimmy’s combine showcases in the future. Should there be any specific questions I can answer please feel free to reach out to me directly by phone or email.

Calvin T. Williams Jr
Williams Pro Services, LLC

“I highly recommend this showcase to any football players who is serious about pursuing a professional football career.

Since I played ball at a small 1AA school, my exposure to scouts wasn’t as high as what the 1A guys were getting. During the showcase, I was able to make connections with scouts, other players, the entire BSN Staff and former and current pro coaches who I still keep in contact with today. Competing in drills and scrimmages allowed me to really see how I compared to everyone else in terms of skill and ability. The BSN Showcase helped get my name out there, and a few months later, I found myself in Rookie Mini Camp with the NY Giants.”

Kevin Doty, Lafayette College
NFL (NY Giants)

The Beyond Sports Network Combine was a great experience for me.

It was the first combine I attended post college. It was organized very well and was efficient. The coaches and staff who ran it were great guys with great knowledge of the game. It was a chance for me to get my feet wet and a feel for being a professional. After speaking with the staff about how to improve my game, It gave me a platform to work off of so i can succeed down the road.

Only thing I would recommend is that the combine be held on a bigger field so there will be more room and less squeeze. I feel that the combine would flow smoother. All in all, the combine was a great experience and I appreciate Beyond Sports Network. I thank you guys for the opportunity.

Thank you,
Dimitrios Tsesmetzis
San Antonio Commnders (AAF)

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