Name: Wayne Adams
School: Tabor College

Q: How did you get started playing football?

A:      I started playing when I was eight years old, I ultimately found that I had something special when I stepped onto the field and I have played through middle school, high school and ultimately College.

Q: What separates you from all the other athletes trying to become a professional?

A:      The biggest thing that separates me from other athletes is not something as simple as speed or strength, both of which are a positive for me.  The thing that separates me is my mind.  I am an intelligent individual with an aptitude for thinking critically through complex situations such as those an individual would face on the football field.  I not only know my responsibility but I make sure to know the responsibility of everyone that is around me because I know that is what will put us in the best position to be successful.

Q: Tell us about your college choice, career and what the recruiting process was like.

A:     I did not receive much attention in the sense of a formal recruiting process. I had gained an offer from a Division III school in Appleton Wisconsin and from the improving Tabor College.  I chose to go to Lawrence University in Wisconsin because I had the opportunity to play as a freshman.  Not only did I play but I was a starter at defensive line and Outside LInebacker for the 2012-2013 season. I did not feel like being in that program was not putting me in a position to be successful, which lead me to transfer to Tabor College.  At Tabor I played on a defensive line that was one of the best position groups in the entire country. Ultimately throughout my time at Tabor I was a part of two Conference championship teams and three National playoff berths; two of those berth’s seeing my team move onto the second round.

Q: What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment in your sports career so far?

A:     In my senior season at Tabor College, I had gotten injured in week three and in that upcoming game our 4 year defensive line starter had also gotten hurt.  I worked my tail off to make sure i was back and healthy for that next game because the team could not afford to have both of us out.  I made it back in time for the game and had the absolute best game of my life.  I pushed myself to be there for my team because that is what the team needed me to do, and I’d give them everything I had.

Q: What do you consider to be one of the more important things you learned from the coaching staff?

A:  Throughout the early parts of my college career, I was thoroughly convinced that I had to be as heavy and as strong as possible.  I had got up to almost 280Ibs. and was extremely unhealthy. It was the summer of my second season playing at Tabor when my head Coach Mike Gardner explained that it does not matter how big, strong and musclebound you become if you are unable to move.  This is when I truly learned and understood that it is more important to be as fast as lightning and be functionally strong and powerful in the sports specific movements versus being a muscle bound hercules.

Q: What is/was your biggest challenge and how do/did you manage it?

A:  The biggest challenge that I have faced was going from a college program that would draw up a different set defensive alignments each week, causing us to never truly learn a base set.  I left this program and went to play at Tabor College where they ran five to seven different base packages; we were expected to know and understand each of the corresponding calls for those packages.  This was quite a struggle for me at first. I used any tool I had available around me ranging from veteran players, to coaches all of which helped me understand that I had to spend hours studying and learning what was expected of me.  I truly had to become a student of the game.

Q: What is your biggest strength or X factor that you bring to a professional team?

A:  The X-factor that I would bring to a professional team would be my constantly high level of unwavering confidence. I am the type of person who is constantly in the game, if we’re down by two or down by thirty I will not give up or drop my head.  I will always be positive and make sure that those around me know that we are still in the fight together.

Q: Who is or has been the most influential person in your life? 

A:     The most influential person in my life would have to be my father.  He has been my closest friend and my biggest confidant. He is the person I go reach out to in times of trouble and hardship. Any time I stray off of the path I can always count on him to help me redirect the ship toward my goals.

Q: What are your goals with football? If football does not work out, then what?

A:     My Goal with football is to gain attention from teams at the next level and ultimately be given an opportunity to prove myself through a rookie minicamp. If football does not work out then this fall I will be going to Hope Medical Institute to receive a Post-Graduate M.D. Degree with the intentions of becoming an orthopedic surgeon.

Q: How did you prepare for the National Scouting Combine and what are your expectations?

A:     I am  preparing with Kyle Dale at Genesis Health Club and Willy Lucero of Optimal performance in Wichita, Kansas.  Dale helped me prepare on the strength side of things while Willy helped me prepare to be as fast and agile as possible.  I hope that my time and preparation allows me to perform at my highest level possible and that I will turn the head of scouts and earn a possible second look from them.

Q: What would be your ultimate achievement?

A:     The ultimate achievement for me would be to gain the opportunity to showcase my ability to a team and them allow me the chance to earn a spot on their team.

Q: If you have to compare yourself to a current pro player, who would it be and why?’

A:     I would have to compare myself to Anthony Sherman, Fullback for the Kansas City Chiefs.  The man is a workhorse who does not get a large quantity of carries or receptions, but he comes out every game and works his hardest not just on offense but on special teams.  He is consistently giving maximum effort, even while playing one of the least popular positions.  I identify with him because I will constantly come every day to do the dirty work and never have a complaint in regards to anything that is asked of me.