Titus Williams: Looking to be the Next Chapter
By: Michael Aaron Chase Jr. | 2/9/18

         The town of Greenwood, South Carolina has produced several prominent NFL players over the past years that have gone onto to become elites at their position. The names include Josh Norman, D. J. Swearinger, Sam Montgomery, and Kelcey Quarles. This is a very impressive number for a town some would label, “in the middle of nowhere.” Though it shows that one can find football talent across the globe, and in a multitude of areas. Now for college graduate Titus Williams he looks to be the next football athlete to make it to the NFL from his hometown. While also looking to continue to use the chip on his shoulder to give him the determination to reach the next chapter of his football journey.

          Titus Williams, 23 years old, and is from Greenwood, South Carolina. Williams officially started his football career at the age of 9, but spoke on how he remembered back when he and his cousins played football all the time together when they were young. Williams went on saying when he started football the first positions he played were safety and receiver. Thus Williams early on in his career got experience playing on both sides of the ball. Stating,” When it came to football in my house, everyone played both sides.”

          Our conversation then transitioned to his careers in High School and College. With us beginning with his High School football experience which took place at Emerald High School in South Carolina. During his time with the Emerald football program he continued his versatile play on both sides. Playing the positions of running back and receiver on offense, and safety and outside-linebacker on defense. Interestingly enough his most memorable moment he had on the field as a high school player came on offense. Williams said his best memory was when he scored his first career touchdown on his first career carry during high school. Thus he certainly made a big splash onto the scene in route to a very good high school career.

          As far as his College career it took place at Limestone College in Gaffney, South Carolina. Thus Williams stayed close to home during his student athlete career. It was at Limestone College Williams officially began to focus strictly on the defensive side of the ball as a player. During his time at this university he played defensive back, more specifically safety for all 4 years of his college career. He thus wound up playing the same position as hometown kid and current NFL player D.J. Swearinger did. In terms of his most memorable moment during his College career he told me of two separate instances. The first moment was when he was named to the freshman All-American team his first season. This was an honor as he stated was something he would always value. His second moment was one of the bigger highlights of his college career. This was when he returned an interception 100 yards for a touchdown, a highlight he said, “I would never forget.” Overall he had a quality college career, and now he prepares to become the next great football player to come out of Greenwood.

          We then talked about him individually as player, as well as, his outlook towards the upcoming combine he is planning to partake in. We began with his strengths and weaknesses, as well as, how he sees describes himself as a player. As far as his strengths Williams stated,” I am good at making tackles consistently, and being a leader on the back-end defensively.” Continuing,” I mostly though lead by example on and off the field and let my play and actions do the talking for me.” Williams when describing what he feels he must improve as a player he mostly talked about his decision making on the field. Stating,” I want to work on attacking every play without second guessing myself as a player, thus being more finite in my decision making when on the field.” I could definitely tell from our conversation he is working hard to continue to grow as a player.

          Next up we discussed the Beyond Sports Network Combine he is partaking in. The first thing he told me was how he is turning 23 years old the day of the Combine. Thus he may get a great birthday gift from the Combine if he garners interest and someone wants to bring him into their organization. I then continued, wanting to find out what he wants to show at the combine to scouts and pro personnel. Williams described,” I want to show off my mobility and athleticism, as well as, that I have the skills to be an all-around and ball-hawking play-maker at safety.” I then asked him what he feels are the biggest advantages to him of doing BSN’s combine. He described how this event provides him the exposure and opportunity needed, also talking on how great of a networking chance it gives him.

          We then concluded our interview with talking about his goals and what he felt are the best selling points on him he could convey to a scout or gm interested in him. He told me his main goal is to pursue a pro career. As he made clear, he like current NFL players that have come from his hometown wants to be “the Next Star out of Greenwood.” Now as far as him trying to sell himself as a prospect to a scout he went the route of work ethic and mentality. Stating,” scouts will get 100 percent out of me. And I am going to give it my all every day.” Continuing,” I have the mentality of an underdog, and have always had a chip on my shoulder so I plan on keeping that mindset. Mostly because nothing was ever given to me, and I know one must work to earn their success.”

Thus overall Titus Williams is a young man who just needs an opportunity to show his talent. While also an opportunity to show off his intangibles that would make him a great add to any pro organization. Thus if someone takes a chance on him as a player they will gain a great player, as well as, man. While helping Williams realize his goal of being in the NFL, and be another great football athlete to come out of small town Greenwood.