A Dream Postseason:

So Far MLB’s Best Playoffs yet

By: Michael Aaron Chase Jr.



For those that find the game of baseball to be not as exciting as other mainstream sports like football or basketball, you obviously have never watched MLB playoff baseball. This postseason has so far been more exciting than I am sure anyone could have anticipated. With dominant pitching performances, unbelievable offensive outbursts, along with late game drama and theatrics. Thus all these factors equate what has been and what is sure to continue to be an unbelievable and attention grabbing MLB Postseason.

When the average fan thinks of the MLB postseason one thinks of low scoring pitchers duels, with limited offensive production. In several ways that scenario has occurred during this postseason, but not to the degree we usually see it take place. As this playoffs has been very high scoring with games so far averaging 9.4 runs scored during this postseason. Thus offense this playoffs has been far more prominent than in the past several years. A lot of this may have something to do with the increase in homerun output across the majors. With once again a new major league record for home runs hit in a season being broken for the 4th straight year. Though also these numbers mean hitters are more prepared and equipped this postseason to hit good pitching. Along with hitters who are consistently looking to change a game with one swing. As well as with the amount of power pitching now on a lot of these playoff teams combing with the unreal power and bat speed of these major league hitters. Thus equating to harder contact, increase in fly balls, and ultimately more runs and home runs. So for those who consider baseball not exciting or lacking in enough action just watch this year’s postseason. I assure you will be for sure entertained with these high scoring and intense matchups.

At the end of the day during a MLB postseason game every pitch from start to finish is intense and pressure packed. Because at any moment during a playoff game one small action can shift the momentum of a particular game and in several instances a series. With pitching being as good as it’s ever been it is still hard to score runs. Which is why even with a significant uptick in scoring these games remain consistently close, as well as, shockingly high. At any moment one pitch, hit, defensive play, or miscue could give one team the break needed to win or cost a team to lose a game. These types of unpredictable, back and forth, and stress inducing contests are what make the postseason such a joy to watch. Keeping fans on the edge of their seat wanting more. Thus creating a fun and engaging product that is hard for even the casual fan to look away from. In the end the baseball playoffs so far have brought much excitement to the sports world with still many twists and turns to come.

The MLB postseason as well has benefited from the stars and markets that have participated in it so far. Helping create storylines and interested following outside of avid baseball lovers. With teams like the LA Dodgers, New York Yankees, Chicago Cubs, and Washington Nationals the MLB is certainly benefiting from these big market franchises spearheading the buzz of the postseason? As they carry the stars many fans around sports know whether one is a baseball fan or not. From Bryce Harper, Clayton Kershaw, Aaron Judge, Kris Bryant, Max Scherzer, and many others. These stars going head to head on the biggest stage only enhances the drama and the level of play one could witness in one of these playoff games. Fans thus get to see the best of the best square off in tight games and see comes out on top. With the star power participating in the postseason it feels like almost a higher stakes set of all-star games. Thus you can’t ask for much more than the best competing against the best.

Also you have the story lines that one can follow with intrigue as this postseason continues to its end. From the Dodgers trying to affirm there stature as the best team in baseball with a championship, to the Nationals trying to win their first postseason series in franchise history, to even the Astros and Yankees trying to reestablish themselves as consistent contenders in the MLB. No matter who you are a fan of there are plenty of story lines to follow and peak your interest. Overall this MLB postseason is reestablishing the excitement and luster that it seems has slightly faded in recent memory. Thus reeling in the new young generation of fans and showing them baseball is just as exciting as the other major sports. You just have to take the time to get through the journey.