Calvin Williams Jr. is a certified CFL Agent who works with Jimmy Kibble to help his athletes get to the pro level.

Williams grew up playing football and running track. He continued to play football at the college level and then went on to workout for several teams in the CFL. He never planned on becoming a sports agent until a kid he used to coach came to him after college asking for his help to get to the next level. Williams was uncertified at the time, but contacted NFL teams anyway.

It was a complete bomb. Williams says there is a lot of failure in this business, but you just have to keep trying and learning. So, he organized a pro day to help the player he used to coach which led to him getting invited to UNC Chapel Hill’s pro day.

From there, Williams got his certification for the CFL and over the past 6 years has helped 20 athletes progress to the next level through his own agency “Truwill Sports.” Every year is a learning process he says. The most important thing he has learned as an agent is that “you can’t turn a project into a prospect.” He says the reason he has failed in the past is because he would take players who weren’t ready for the next level in football and try to make them ready. But you can’t. They already have to be a prospect.

Williams’ advise to his athletes is that they need to believe in themselves no matter what. He also has them start their own business ventures because football is not promised and an injury can ruin it in at anytime. He says “it’s not just about football, its about becoming an adult.”

Williams’ next step is to become NFL Agent certified this January. Learn more about Calvin on his Profile.