After yesterday’s demoralizing defeat, the Miami Marlins fire their manager, Mike Redmond, of only two seasons, following the 6-0 loss against the Atlanta Braves in the finale of their triple-header.
It caused an uproar in the Miami community since the Marlins have fallen to just a nose ahead of last in the division. At 16-22 in the NL East, they needed to make a move now if they want to vastly improve in their standings and clinch a postseason berth. Their last postseason appearance was in 2003, ironically the same year they won the World Series. And that year, they also had a stretch to start the season at 16-22, firing their manager as well. Maybe the Marlins are pressing for good fortune like in 2003, because the talent is there, they just need a true manager at the helms of the organization.
With Dee Gordon slashing an outstanding sub-400 batting percentage, and nearly three hits per contest, alongside a perennial all-star in Giancarlo Stanton. This move had to be done. The Marlins have yet to have a wining season since 2009, which was last decade.
The Marlins have had only two postseason appearances in their history, both ending in World Series pennants. This turn in one-fourth of the season is very critical before the All-Star break in July. Only time will tell, if history repeats itself, because the Marlins have the pieces in place, now they just need a manager to get them there to the playoffs.