For Justin Williams football always came natural to him; but that did not stop his hard work and determination to become the best player to his ability. Williams is an individual that hates mediocrity and is continuously motivated by wanting to improve his knowledge and skill within the game.

When Williams was around 9 year olds, he quickly became aware of his natural ability while playing football. Throughout the years, Williams continued to be passionate in playing football; eventually being awarded All State, All Region, All County, and Team MVP, while attending high school in Georgia. The ability to create plays in open space has always been a skill that Williams adds to a team.

Currently Williams plays slot receiver for the Cincinnati Flex—an arena football team. When asked, Williams stated that his biggest strength on the field would be quickness, as well as his ability to start and stop. When off the field, Williams is constantly studying film and watching NFL YouTube videos. Williams believes that his motivation comes from wanting to be the best he can be.

My motivation comes from wanting to be the best that I can be. I hate mediocrity.”

Williams plans to continue to work hard, gather film, and get more exposure. By attending the gym on the daily basis, as well as organize workout days with his teammates, Williams is prepared to continue working hard to get a CFL/NFL Camp contract.

“Football teaches delayed gratification. I work hard, I sweat, and I play through pain to reap a greater reward later down the road.”