Field Goals, Punting, Kickoff, Snapping and Holding Training For All High School Athletes

We provide each student with a personalized approach to improve their knowledge of kicking/punting/snapping/holding. Our private lessons allow us to evaluate the current physical and mental level to develop a plan for improvement. Not every athlete has the same swing, steps or method and our goal is to work with each individual to strengthen their core abilities. Playing in high school is a wonderful experience that lasts a lifetime. Having the opportunity to continue on that path and compete collegiately is even more exciting. Making sure that you are on the right track fundamentally and technically is the only way to ensure the chances of making it to the next level, and Just 4 Kicks has the experience to help you! In a 2 hour session each athlete will receive: + Dynamic Warm up + Position Specific Drills + Fundamentals + Technique Development + Personal Demonstrations + Mental Training & Challenges + Video Analysis During Training + Cool Down + Recruiting Guidance + Training & Nutritional Advice + Email & Phone Access Whether you are just getting started, an intermediate or advanced kicker looking to tune up your abilities, we can help you. Having a mentor, a coach or a professional that can help through critique and encouraging can go a long way.


Medical Information:

The BSN Just 4 Kicks is an instructional program that emphasizes repetitious training of kicking, punting and long snapping skills. These events are performed without “contact” and without “full pads”. The following information is for the protection of all participants, parents and BSN Just 4 Kicks program in the event of any type of emergency.

Consent & Waiver:

I hereby consent to the directors and any employees or contractors of BSN Just 4 Kicks program acting for me according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention. I, for myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, waive and release any claims against the directors and any employees or contractors of BSN Just 4 Kicks program for all claims and damages, demands or actions whatsoever in any manner resulting from my traveling to and from or participating in the academy.

Further, I hereby grant full permission to any and all foregoing to use my name, photos, videos and likeness for any publicity and/or promotional purposes without obligation or liability. (Particpants need to check with their coach or athletic director for questions regarding eligibility.)

PLEASE NOTE: BSN Just 4 Kicks program reserves all rights for any schedule and site changes including applicant acceptance due to enrollment limits, requirements or uncontrollable circumstances.

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