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HT: 6’2″ | WT: 210 | 40 Yard Dash: 4.59 | Shuttle: 4.1

College: East Stroudsburg | Position: WR

Hometown: Harrisburg, PA | High School: Central Dauphin

Awards gained in High School: All conference

Awards gained in College: 2 time all-conference, all region first team, 2 time academic all-american, consensus first team all-american, Division 2 player of the week

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Tell us about your family, siblings, parents, etc. What does family mean to you?

I am a big family man. I live with my parents and sister at home in Harrisburg when I am not at school. I am very close with my sister even though I do not see her as much as I would like to. My parents are most of the reason I am the man and player I am today and they always made me know I was a STUDENT athlete, and not the other ay around. This made me focus to become a great student first and foremost, since football has to end for everyone at some point.

What was your college major?

I majored in Business management, hoping to pursue law school, when football is over for me.

Why and when did you start playing football?

The story is kind of funny actually. I was in second grade when I first wanted to play football but my Mom did not want me to play. Then a day came around during church when the priest spoke about how there were football signups for the kids after mass to play for the school. I looked right at my Dad and asked him if I could play. So he looked at my Mom and said “now he has to play, it was Divine intervention”. All jokes aside I really wanted to play that sport above all else and after that day they both agreed to let me play.

What drives you, inspires you to play the game?

What drives me the most to play the game really boils down to 2 things. The first is all of the people telling me I could not play at the next level, just starting with pop warner. Each level all I would hear is I was either way too small, or way too slow. I play with a chip on my shoulder because I know what type of player I am, and I know I can compete with anyone. The other one is all of the support I get from my friends and family. My family and friends never stopped believing in me when I said I wanted to keep playing, even when it seemed like my playing days were over just after high school.

Play any other positions in the past? Any other sports in college or in high school?

I played in the secondary in high school, both cornerback and free safety. I also played for the basketball team in HS and baseball during the end of the school year.


Tell me about your greatest football moment/memory.

My greatest memory in football had to be when my coach trusted my QB and I to make a play with a minute left in the 4th quarter against Bloomsburg on a two-point conversion. We had not beaten them on our home field in 25 years, and getting mauled by my teammates after I made the catch in the corner of the end zone with stay in my memory forever.

What is your best attribute in your opinion, what separates you from the rest?

I think what separates me from the rest is my work ethic. I was not blessed with the talents and abilities most football players get but what I was born with was a never ending NEED to work harder than anyone I go up against. I wont stop until the job is done and what I have had to go through since I started playing back in the second grade just feeds that.

What is your worst that you are working on to improve currently?

I will always be harped on for my top end speed so that is the major thing I work on every day to get faster and faster.

What type of offense did you run in college? Inside or outside receiver?

We ran a multiple offense with a lot of spread. I played both inside and outside receiver.

What do you prefer to play, what type of offense would you like to play?

I will play in any type of offense. I love the blocking and physical aspect of the game and I think that also separates me from other receivers because I enjoy blocking for my teammates.

Is the NFL the ultimate goal? If so, who would you want to play for and why?

I would love to play in the NFL, and I will give it my all to any team that gives me a chance.

Did you have offers outside of East Stroudsburg? If So who?

ESU did not even offer me, I walked on to the football team. Other than that it was local D3 schools.

Why did you choose to attend school there?

Coach Mike Terwiliger told me he saw something in me that he believed in and if I was willing to come in and work my tail off we could do something special.

Did you idolize any athletes or family member growing up?

I loved watching Randy Moss growing up because he was my favorite player. I also enjoy to this day watching Marques Colston because I am from around his area and his story is a great one of hard work and dedication even when people doubt you. My biggest hero however is my dad because he is the strongest man I have ever known, and I want to be just like him.

Lastly, why do you think you can make it in the NFL or any other pro league?

Like I said before, there is not a person who will out work me and I am an extremely coachable guy, never had a problem with that. I will give it my all to make the team that gives me a shot and then work my tail off even more to help that team win.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]