Jon Lyles: Career ends with Vision


Jon Lyles has been involved in and at every level of football one could think of which have shaped the man he is both on and off the field. Now he has a new test ahead that he looks to conquer, as he is contributing to the rise of a new Arena/Indoor Football team in Texas called the “Rose City Thorns”.
With a strong background in football coaching, and sports business, as well as, a faith based mission within his community, Jon Lyles looks to change the landscape of the state and city he calls home. Thus furthering and reenergizing the love of football, while displaying strong faith and character to Tyler and the rest of East Texas. Through a short interview I found out the keys to Lyles success and his goals going forward in his continually promising career.
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Coach Jon Lyles
Jon Lyles is a resident of Arp Texas who has coached many football games and teams over his career. Bringing a winning culture and attitude wherever he has gone and quickly turning struggling franchises around. As Lyles stated, “Our philosophy, structure, players I think were key. I have had the opportunity to work with such good quality young men and women. Blessed to have people fill my deficiencies.” Lyles described how he has been able to build a quality culture and bring on quality players and people during his different career stops. Lyle’s calling card has been turning around offenses wherever he has landed as a coach or coordinator. He turned the AFL Pittsburgh Power into an offensive power house during the 2013 season. As they went from averaging of 27.3 points per game to 42.9 points per game such as turning the IFL’s Amarillo Venom into 14-4 team as head coach (from their previous 3-13 record in 2010). Ranking first in many offensive categories including total yards per game, rushing yards per game, and quarterback efficiency rating. To transforming the Bossier-Shreveport Battle wings of AF2 into one of the league’s most dynamic offenses. So his skills as an offensive coach are clearly valid. The most significant coaching opportunity he got was taking over as head coach of his college Alma matter. Lyles took over as head coach of Oklahoma Panhandle State in 2012 and accomplished beating the program’s biggest rival Northwestern for the first time in 28 years.
“The main task is to know and convey what we represent. Which for me and my team is our community, people, our care and love. Because we want to be a symbol of love.”

Among turning around the team’s defense to second in total and pass defense. Lyles spoke about his experience saying, “I took over under difficult circumstances, but still a special time and personal growth took place.” Lyles also spoke on the transitional period the program was in and how he was fortunate to receive education from there, as student athlete and employee. Stating how proud he was of the university’s direction now. Overall Jon Lyles has clearly gained many experiences in coaching across many organizations. As well as proven his characteristic as a winner and culture cultivating individual.

Lyles has more recently gotten into the business side of the football world. Operating as an executive and franchise leader these days. Lyles, when asked about what the toughest part of being a football executive said, “Unfortunately you can only have so many people on your team whether as a coach or executive.” Also saying,” you want make sure your leading the right way. Having good discernment to make tough decision.” Lyles spoke on the most important task when taking over an organization as an executive. Saying, “The main task is to know and convey what we represent. Which for me and my team is our community, people, our care and love. Because we want to be a symbol of love.” Lyles clearly sees the image and what people relate to his program as important to furthering his mission. He went on to speak on the importance of dealing with people, and how being very culturally well-rounded helped this concept. How it helped during his experiences when he went over to coach in China and how through the cultivation of these skills he built great relationships with organizations in China. Educating his Marketing partners on what they can do for their community, and getting all powers that be aligned is also key in getting funding for an organization. Ultimately Lyles sees being, and operating as, a professional is key to conduct, yet also teach to those you work with. “We teach professionalism for the business world. What it is to be a professional?”, as Lyles stated. This ideal clearly shows the strong example he sets and how he looks to teach others what it takes to excel professionally. Ultimately Mr. Lyles has taken a philosophical approach in some aspect to what it takes to be a good executive. Thus, by building a strong ideological foundation in his organization he sets it up for hopefully success.

Lyles has a strong faith based belief that has been key in his growth as a coach, executive, and man. Lyles stated that,” Educating people on people is big in building a strong organization and community.” He feels his faith has certainly helped him through the ups and downs as a coach and executive. His strong belief in the importance of family and community has shaped his business plans and direction of his developing Arena league team. This was clear when Lyles spoke on possibilities to work at the highest level of football… that being the NFL.  Lyles explained, “Family health ultimately brought me back home. But it really helped shift my perspective and made me see the opportunity I had in front of me.” Lyles spoke on the significance of accomplishing this project in what he considered his home. Thus, “bring something special to east Texas market.”  He ultimately described how he did not anticipate this turn in his professional career but, “you have faith and must walk with it.”  In the end Lyles took a very interesting stance on this concept through his business decisions in the end. Saying, “I am exactly where I am supposed to be. And this arena league tea project will be my NFL. Because of what we put together in the community.”

Overall Jon Lyles, as a football business man, has already become a successful venture. Finding success at every turn and not shying away from a challenge. He is now facing his biggest challenge yet with starting up a new Arena style football team in East Texas. But as Lyles indicated on his hopes for this project going forward. “That all our hard work comes to fruition. We educate people on people. Break down barriers, and fulfill are commitment to our community and its people.” Lyles and his team are currently in the process of looking and trying to bring on sponsors to gain funding for an arena for his Arena League team. As he described his team hard at work putting together presentations and collaborating to reach the ultimate goal of this project while enjoying doing it. Overall the biggest question now is where Jon Lyles focus lies next with starting up of the team in full swing? “Peace of mind and being absolutely content are certainly end goals.” Jon Lyles certainly has been a man who has had a great career already as a coach and executive. His ultimate vision though in the roles are still in the works but he continues on his path likely to further success.