Most would agree that the Philadelphia Eagles had the strongest top-to-bottom roster in the NFL last year. Not only are they immensely talented, they also have very strong depth at every position. Obviously, the reigning Super Bowl Champions are going to get a lot of love in projections of next season. However, in light of everything that’s happened this offseason, I think it’s officially time we started taking the Los Angeles Rams seriously.

The Rams have been extremely busy this offseason. They have traded for CB’s Marcus Peters and Aqib Talib, as well as former Saints and Patriots WR Brandin Cooks. They also signed CB Sam Shields and Ndamukong Suh to one-year deals. The Rams have clearly shown that they have an aggressive “win-now” mentality and they aren’t looking to wait for their guys to develop. Third-year QB Jared Goff will now have a WR corps made up of rookie standout Cooper Kupp, consistent talent Robert Woods and a true #1 wideout in Brandin Cooks. Oh, and they have Todd Gurley. That is a scary offense, and the defense has the potential to be even better. Aqib Talib has shown that even at age 32 he can play corner with the best of them. Marcus Peters has had one of the best starts to a career that we’ve seen out of a CB and he’ll look to continue his impressive start in LA. Suh adds to a defensive line featuring the best defensive tackle in the league, Aaron Donald. These additions should provide veteran guidance as well as introducing some more youth into the team. The one question mark, though, is the personalities of these players.

Sean McVay has quite the task ahead of him with the 2018 Rams roster as Peters, Talib and Suh all have their histories with on-field antics. Whether it be throwing a flag into the stands, snatching Crabtree’s chain or just being a dirty player, these three on a team together could potentially mean some media messes in the future. However, if there’s anyone that’s up to this kind of challenge, it’s the reigning Coach of the year. Taking a four-win team to dominance in just one offseason is extremely impressive, and the Rams certainly have a good blend of young talent and experienced veterans going forward. Another factor swinging in the Rams favor is their division. The 49ers could certainly have the potential to challenge the Rams, but both the Seahawks and Cardinals are getting older and will likely struggle to find success this season. I, along with most football fans across America, are expecting to see the Rams back in the postseason in 2018.

There’s no question that the NFC is the stronger of the two conferences. Teams like Minnesota, Atlanta, New Orleans and Dallas are very good teams with some real talent. However, I believe the Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Rams are on another level. And yes, I know the Rams lost to Atlanta in the Wild Card round. I know they have a young and somewhat unproven QB, and I know that they have a second-year coach. Many others have acknowledged these question marks and have all but handed Philly the Lombardi Trophy. The Rams know their faults, and now have the talent they need on both sides of the ball to make a deep playoff run. Look out, Philadelphia. The Rams are coming.