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BSN: You recently signed with the Szekskard “Bad Bones” on the 20th, of April. How did the team contact you and what was the process like getting recruited overseas?

I messaged them on europlayers and spoke to them on Facebook about offers regarding benefits, where I would play, and to learn more about the city.

BSN: What are your goals as your head to Hungary to play?

My goals is to help win a championship and experience living and playing in another country.

BSN: You have participated in a number of combines and all star games. What have your experiences been like?

The experience has been great playing with the best and also facing the best in all star games. The combines I have been a big benefit in gaining experience and knowledge every time. Knowing you have to do your best and have a great showing for film and impress coaches. Continue to train and work hard and learn from mistakes.

BSN: What have you learned about the pro scouting process and what it takes to “go pro”?

I have learned from talking to pro NFL scouts it’s how you market and present yourself. Its all about film and networking and sending email and film.

BSN: Talk about your playing experience and what the journey has been from level to level.

Its been a long journey; some good and bad times, But in in the ends its been great. Starting out in high school as a starting wide receiver at Midlakes. First couple of years in semipro not seeing the field as much as I wanted to. Mike Benner push me and took me to Meadville Pennsylvania and introduce me to Zen B. owner/coach of Oil Region Rampage. Zen gave me a shot as a starting wide receiver and corner back as he believed in me and coached me more. Defense coach Cody Dobly made my defense game even better working with me and believing in me by showing me my mistakes. Playing in Pennsylvania, Zen help me get signed overseas and kept working with me to get signed to an indoor professional team for the Buffalo Lightning and having AFL teams evaluate me.

BSN: If you could give your past self advice, what would that advice be?

My past self advice would be stay humble and keep fighting and working hard plus believing in yourself and your abilities. Use negative comments and people as motivation to prove them wrong.

BSN: What has been the driving motivation for you in pursuing the dream of playing professional football?

I love the game of football. My dream, like others, is to play in the NFL or get a shot at the NFL workout. I have that “never give up attitude” and I refuse listen to negative people and comments saying you can’t or won’t.

BSN: Which side of the line do you enjoy playing more; Offense: Wide Receiver or Defense: Defensive Back – and why?

I have always been a offensive player throughout high school, however being a cornerback I enjoy shutting down wide receivers. Going up against the best wide receiver and watching players such as Richard Sherman being a shut down corner.

BSN: What makes you unique to the game of football that scouts should look at when looking to evaluate a player like yourself?

I consider myself an overall athlete that has high football IQ and most importantly exhibits the willingness to learn and develop as a player. I have the work ethic, talent, heart, and determination to succeed as a professional football player, and will reward the team that signs me. I am the type of player that would be an asset to a team both on and off the field, come to win, work hard and play anywhere I can impact the game to help achieve success.