The BSN Foundation provides free athletic testing events for student-athletes and education in areas such as social media/internet safety, recruiting, training and nutrition.

The Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) “Private Operating Foundation” that provides a tax free deduction (EIN 46-4413814) when you support our Foundation.


We help student athletes with free sports combines and education resources for on & off the field advancement.

Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation that provides Free sports “testing” events to help athletes from all walks of life afford the opportunity to showcase their talents and be evaluated by the collegiate levels. Our goal is to educate athletes in the areas of internet/social media safety, training, nutrition and recruiting.


Free to high school athletes


Player profiles & Event results


Social Media, Training, Nutrition, Safety…


The mission is to provide youth and high school athletes an opportunity to be discovered by coaches at the next level. From affluent to under privileged athletes, The Beyond Sports Network Foundation will provide these services at no cost, which will inform athletes on their current abilities and educate them on ways to improve in order to maximize their full potential with the goal of receiving maximum (local, regional & national) exposure.


How many opportunities will you get to reach the next level and how much will it cost? The opportunity we provide is unmatched at any level because of the value we add to each event that will teach you how to navigate through the endless choices an athlete will need to make.

There are a number of things you need to work on as you decide on playing sports at each level.

Building your brand (Who you are), testing your abilities and getting evaluated (BSN Events), getting your name out there (contacting scouts/coaches), protecting your reputation and integrity (social media safety & awareness), developing your skill (BSN Academy) and how to transition successfully from one level to the next (Youth to High School, High School to College or College to Pro).

Everything you need to build sports career starts with an opportunity. The opportunity that the Beyond Sports Network Foundation provides comes at no cost and you cannot ask for a better way to find out where you stand as an athlete.



The Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) “Private Operating Foundation” that provides a tax free deduction (EIN 46-4413814) when you support our Foundation.

The Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. provides a unique opportunity to influence, inspire and educate young athletes within local communities. With your help we can provide free athletic combines, an online sports community and weekly educational resources & information for athletes. We can help guide athletes on how to use technology/staying safe online, receiving opportunities to showcase their abilities to collegiate coaches and become a positive influence within their community and beyond.

Supporting our Foundation allows Beyond Sports Network to provide more events to athletes, which permit each athlete to gauge their current status and learn where they need to improve. Our events provide each athlete with the opportunity to be scouted by the collegiate levels as we provide results directly on our website and link each athlete’s name to their exclusive BSN Sports Profile. Learn more here.

Donations & Sponsorships go towards the operation, staffing and promotion of events and providing educational information regarding Internet, Social Media and Technology safety, Training & Nutrition Tips and recruiting insights and/or advice. Our goals are to help athletes on the physical level while educating them on the mental level to help them succeed in all aspects of life both on and off the field!

If you are interested in donating to the BSN Foundation, please contact Jimmy Kibble at

The purpose is college coaches from the FBS, FCS, D2, D3, NAIA, & JUCO levels need accurate and reliable stats to begin the recruiting process. BSN creates this opportunity for FREE at your high school.

Since 2007 BSN has been pushing the limits of online technology to assist athletes promote their abilities, accomplishments and talents to coaches and scouts at the “Next Level”. We continually develop & improve our exclusive sports profiles and have seen over 500 hundred aspiring professional athletes achieve success from our network. With the development of the BSN Foundation, these profiles are now available to high school athletes so that they can showcase their career online.

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