“I went to ESU as a walk-on, and finished as a Team Captain and All-American.”

Over the past few days, I have had the pleasure of meeting and talking with East Stroudsburg star Sean Roth. I was pleased with the true pleasure and passion he exhibited when discussing the game of football, but I was amazed at the true dedication and work ethic I felt. Sean Roth is the kind of player you want in your locker room. From playing every position asked of him to putting 110% effort into every drill and workout, Roth has a burning desire to compete at the highest level and I believe he has the work ethic and ability to do so.

In his first year at East Stroudsburg, Roth spent time at fullback, linebacker and even scout-team nose guard. His time at linebacker came due to multiple injuries in the position and, splitting time with a senior, he was able to learn the playbook quickly enough to fill the position and perform well. This didn’t last long, however, as ESU’s starting fullback suffered a career-ending injury soon after. This sent Roth back to offense, where he would spend the rest of his college career. His work would not end there, though. He added more versatility to his resume when he began to take snaps at both running-back and receiver. In his senior season, Roth was voted by his teammates to be a captain, which he did not take lightly. In his senior season, ESU’s offense became very fast-paced and Roth and the team’s starting RB were named to First-Team All-Super-Region 1 and were named Football Gazette All-Americans. When asked about his decision to play for ESU, Roth says “We did not have the records I would have liked, but overall I would not have wanted to play for another school.” The commitment to making both himself and any team he is on better is apparent and strong in Roth.

Mr. Roth does an excellent job of keeping his body to the standard demanded of an upper-level athlete. He eats very healthy, avoiding foods that are unhealthy and eating plenty of carbs prior to workouts as well as protein shakes after. He also trains at Byrd Sports Performance where he has enhanced and continued to improve his overall explosiveness, as well as always being the last one in the gym following ESU team workouts. He truly wants to push himself to be the best he can possibly be and is willing to do whatever it takes to attain his goals. “I’m very self-motivated in everything I do,” Roth states, “everything I do, I go all in on.” Roth’s ultimate goal in football is to be a professional football player as well as the best teammate and player he can be on whatever level he reaches. What truly sets Roth apart from many other hopeful athletes is the path he takes to reach his goals. “A lot of guys just want the results,” Roth explains, “I enjoy the process of getting there, and will do anything and everything to reach my goals.” Outside of the sport, he hopes to establish a good life for his future family and himself.

Throughout my time talking with Sean Roth, one thing was very apparent – he has a burning passion and desire to reach the next level and be the best football player and person he can be. He was asked to play fullback, running-back, receiver, linebacker and scout-team nose guard in his four years at ESU. Yet he never flinched, took the challenge head-on and became a better player and teammate because of it. With his outstanding work ethic and cheerful personality, I know Sean Roth will be able to take on any challenge that comes his way and make himself a better football player and person because of it.