There are many words I could use to describe E’Montie Dears, such as hard-working, determined and talented. However, one thing stands out to me above all his other traits: his focus. In my time talking with Dears, his focus on his goals and his desire to be his absolute best surprised me. Dears has all the ability in the world, and he is completely focused on what’s important to him: his future.

Dears had lots of positive things to say about his experience playing RB at Methodist University. He described it as a critically important time for him, helping him develop to be the man and the player he is today. “It changed my life for the better,” Dears states, “My teammates and coaches pushed me day in and day out to be the best I could be.” His favorite college memory on the football field involved making a game-saving and essentially game-winning play in the final game of his senior season. “I was able to break off a big run that set up the game-winning field goal against North Carolina Wesleyan.” Dears continues, “Once he made it everybody stormed the field. It was one of the best feelings you could feel.” However, when he looks back upon his overall college football experience years from now, he won’t remember the records or states. He’ll remember the bonds he made and the man he became out of the experience.

As I said previously, Dears maintains an extreme amount of focus on what’s important. As such, he holds himself to a strict workout and nutrition plan during the season and during the off-season. His main workouts are related to explosiveness and strength training, specifically plyometrics, uphill sprints and sprints with a weight vest. When it comes to nutrition, he maintains a healthy diet of seafood, vegetables and grains. These plans keep his body in the best shape to achieve his goals. In football, his main goal is to play professionally despite his size. Outside of the sport, Dears aspires to find something he would enjoy spending the rest of his life. He currently majors in Exercise Science/Kinesiology. The things that keep him motivated are all the opportunities he is close to achieving. He relishes the opportunity to have a better life for himself and his mother, and the opportunity to “show what God can do.”

The Beyond Sports Network National Scouting Combine will be Dears’ first experience in the atmosphere of a true combine. His two biggest strengths are undoubtedly his explosiveness and his smoothness with movements. These are two things that pop off the paper to a scout, and Dears knows exactly what he wants to show them. When asked, he replied “The fact that I have the ability to play ball”. Continuing, “I don’t make anything too complicated, I read and react with the heart of a lion. I have that “IT” factor… I have that dog in me.” Whichever way you slice it, E’Montie Dears is a focused young man who has all the tools needed to succeed at every level.