“It’s always been my dream to play in the NFL but it’s also my dream to be in a position where I can support my family the best way I can.”

Dorian Cowart is an extremely versatile player and has the ability to make plays from many different positions. He lined up at running-back, slot receiver and even special teams during his college career at South Dakota Mines. During our conversations, I asked him what his “story” is. He describes himself as an underdog and says he has had to overcome criticism surrounding his size. He has constantly been forced to fight through adversity, overcoming it at every opportunity. It is very apparent to me that he has the mental strength and perseverance to overcome any obstacle placed in front of him throughout his life.


Cowart has nothing but positive things to say regarding his times at SD Mines. He states that “what made it great was the passion and the competitive spirit from the coaches to win that trickled down to the players.” He acknowledged the “family” feel among the team and believes this is why they gave 100% every time they went out onto the field. By playing for each other, they were able to truly bond and come together to overcome adversity. Cowart was happy with the athletic achievements he reached in his college career and was proud to play the game he loved to the best of his ability. His favorite moment was winning the Homestake Trophy in 2016 against SD Mines’ rival, Black Hills State. He turned in an excellent performance in multiple positions and helped lead his team to a victory. He has also worked a lot on explosion, stability, muscle endurance and conditioning. He wants to be in the best condition he can possibly be for the National Scouting Combine, in which he hopes to silence all the critics and show his true athleticism and versatility.

Cowart has large goals in place for himself both in and out of the game of football. When it comes to the game, he aspires to one day play in the NFL. Even if he only gets a practice squad offer, he just wants to get his foot in the door and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. Outside of it, he hopes to use whatever money he makes to invest and create business opportunities for himself in the future. He is currently studying Industrial Engineering and plans to pursue a career in that field at some point. He is motivated by his family and hopes to one day be in a position to provide the support they have given him in his life. “They put blood, sweat and tears into this for me,” Cowart says, “and I can’t afford to not do the same for them.” Overall, Cowart gives “All Glory to God” and says he owes everything he has to him.

I believe that Dorian Cowart has all the athletic ability, versatility and mental toughness necessary to overcome his size and prove all the doubters wrong. He has a great foundation for his future, in football and in life.