Finally…” Deflategate” is over. After months of speculation, the Super bowl Champs have been found guilty of tampering with the inflation of the footballs in the AFC Championship. Tom Brady, the modern day Captain America, is given the blame for the accusations and as of right now will miss the first 4 games of the regular season in 2015.

Lets be honest, this entire situation has been a debacle and a complete embarrassment not only to Tom Brady and the Patriots; but to Commissioner Roger Goodell. Goodell and the NFL have had enough on their plate as of late with Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, etc. But deflategate takes the cake. Over the past year the NFL has had to deal with domestic violence and child abuse, yet deflated footballs have been the topic of interest for the past several months.

So let’s hold off on the conspiracy theories and opinionated arguments for the time being and get down to business. Does Brady deserve a 4 game suspension? Absolutely. Deflation of the footballs is cheating, period. With the 4 game suspension delivered to Browns GM Ray Farmer (“textgate”), it seems Goodell has set a standard for attempting to cheat the game or tampering with league policies. Why should Brady not receive the same punishment Farmer received? Because he is Tom Brady? Come on people. The guy deliberately tampered with the footballs in order to gain an edge in the game. No matter what way you depict the situation, Brady got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and will pay the price.

Lets be honest, had Brady not deflated the footballs, would the Colts have been playing the Seahawks in the Super Bowl? Highly unlikely, but possible I suppose. But that’s not the point. People have argued since the suspicions were first released that Brady could not have done this. Blame the equipment staff. Blame the refs for not noticing. Hell, blame Bellichick. Brady denied over and over again that he had any involvement or awareness of the deflation in the footballs. Well Patriot fans and those on the Brady bandwagon, he lied.

Quarterbacks are the most important position in the game hands down. They handle the ball every play, they are more than likely one of your captains, and as history has shown… without a good quarterback you generally do not hoist the Lombardi Trophy come the end of the season. With that being said, quarterbacks have the ability to tell their equipment staff how they like their footballs, abiding by standard inflation of course. So here is my argument for those blaming the equipment staff and siding that Brady had no involvement or awareness that the balls were deflated. Do you really think that if an equipment manager did not abide by Brady’s request that he would have a job? Or deflated the balls completely on their own without permission or guidance from some member of the New England organization? It is absolutely ludicrous to believe that. Brady had complete involvement and I am sure Bellichick and other members of the organization knew as well. Tom was dealt a bad hand and someone finally called his bluff.

You either love or hate the Patriots. They are that franchise that just cannot lose. They have the perfect tandem of quarterback/ coach and are a contender to win it all every year. Well I have a feeling the vote has swayed towards hate after the news of the suspension was released. But what happens now… Brady and Bellichick are villains of the NFL? What else is new. I would put good money on the Patriots to still make the playoffs this upcoming season even without Brady for the first four games. My point is nothing will change. Brady and the Patriots were caught and punished. The Patriots were already hated, with the exception of those living in the Boston area, how could you not hate them. No one wants to see the same team win year in and year out. Give it a season or two and this whole “deflategate” will be erased from history as it should be. The punishment has been served. Do your time Tom and come back with a vengeance.