Beyond Sports Network is looking for professionals in multiple disciplines to contribute to the most comprehensive social network for athletes that exists. If you are a member of the sports medicine, sports nutrition, sports psychology, performance training, or wealth and financial planning professions, then the BSN asks for your contributions to aide young and aspiring professional athletes in progressing their budding careers.

Beyond Sports Network provides a platform to connect aspiring collegiate & professional athletes with coaches and team administrators who are actively building rosters but are limited in their resources. The Network also carries the goal of offering educational and promotional resources to its members, all at an affordable cost to athletes and teams functioning on a budget. In order to offer these services, we are aggressively building an intelligent, hyper-motivated, insightful and progressive society of professionals who value their mandate to educate the public for the advancement of not only their chosen discipline, but struggling athletes nationwide.

The BSN functions very similar to basic social networking. You will create a profile with your pertinent information. The BSN will grant you this profile free of charge. Once your profile is created, you will be free and encouraged to interact with other members. The BSN clientele is composed of potential collegiate & professional athletes, professional coaches, professional team administrators, scouts, and other associated professionals like yourself. National exposure to your personal brand, company, and reputation is almost impossible to come by without being lost in a massive and anonymous shuffle of white noise. At BSN we offer a focused and protected group of only interested individuals who have an intense ambition and are in need of your expertise. The BSN can be an invaluable business stimulator for you to build a wide-reaching client base, and we encourage you to do so with no strings attached.

In return for the opportunity to capitalize on this exposure, we do require just a few duties from our society since we are bypassing the membership fee (for you). They are as follows;

  1. Monthly contributions to our education forum. This can be through articles, videos, webinars or any other creative means of knowledge transfer. (You can’t capitalize without activity, right?)
  2. Make yourself available. The best thing that can happen is that you will generate a buzz! So take advantage! We ask that you respond to inquiries within 48 hours on average, please. We want all of our members to know that we care and are there to support them!
  3. If at any time you feel that your activity may decline for any reason, please let us know. No hard feelings, and you’ll be free to come back and renew at any time! We are all building a brand and a community together, so we want our population fertile with movement and information exchange.

Currently, the Network carries just a little over 1,000 users and is continuing to build. We are asking you, in the community of intelligent, considerate and aggressive professionals to join us as we cultivate this idea into a dynamic enterprise that finally gives athletes the freedom to guide and control their own means of exposure and take the reigns of their career. They can’t do it without your help and benevolence. Additionally, this can be your opportunity to catapult a budding or perhaps even an existing and upstanding career within your own discipline. We encourage connections made on the Network to transfer into profitable clientele for you. In today’s technological age and individual can build a national following with remarkable speed. Please let us be your launching pad!


Join our network to help us influence our member base with your expertise and knowledge! Promote your brand, services and products through features and articles.