Your tax deductible donation helps us conduct free, professionally run testing combines and educational resources for youth, high school athletes, coaches and parents.

The mission of Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. is to provide a combine experience like no other event, utilizing modern technology to completely measure and assess a participant’s true athletic ability and showcase that data to coaches at the “Next Level”. Our events are provided at no cost to the participants. We “level the playing field” for athletes from all socioeconomic levels.

As we collect the data from hundreds and thousands of athletes from regionally staged events, we will then provide colleges and universities with the data and combine reports. Breaking the country into regions, we have identified how many high schools, athletes, colleges and universities reside in each state and region. We plan to work with colleges and universities to provide information that is relevant to their recruiting needs based on local, regional and national interest.

The BSN Foundation is one of America’s first and only non-profit organizations dedicated to the facilitation of student-athlete careers in athletics. Through donations and sponsorships, the BSN Foundation will be able to provide professional testing, education, networking, and perhaps, most importantly, relationship building with the right people in the right positions, without the hassle of skepticism or fear of exploitation.

Today’s responsible parents of high school age athletes are vigilant and privy to literature, as they should be. However, they are assaulted constantly by an army of companies with lofty promises and few results. In conversation with any random selection of these parents, it’s not hard to ascertain that the culture itself is willing to spend considerable dollars for the opportunity to provide their child with a top-notch education assisted by even a marginal athletic scholarship because, quite simply, they believe that the risk is worth the reward and the numbers add up.

The unfortunate fact, however, is that often this is not the case. Scholarships are scarce comparatively to those who would attempt, and the cost of college can be high. Placement on college rosters is often left to “grass roots” recruiting. Let’s clarify. It becomes a mad scramble for athletes and parents to get the right information in the right hands and quite a bit of finger crossing that they may have an intimate connection to those who are viewing it. In other words, even in today’s age it’s the Wild West and they’re gambling, unless they have that one athletically gifted child on a transcendent level. Let’s face it, how many of these athletes are there? We hear the 1% narrative and there is truth to it.