Darren Wilson, a graduate of Elizabeth City State and former NY Jets DT, will be participating in the 2017 National Scouting Combine. Wilson shared his love for the game and how he is preparing for next week.

Q: How long have you been playing football? How did you get involved? 

I have been playing football since I was 10 years old and joined Hackensack Junior League Football. I understood football at a young age and got involved with the game by watching it on TV.

Q: What team do you currently play for or did you play for?

The last team I played for was the New York Jets in May, 2016

Q: What have you learned from the game, both on and off the field?

What I have learned about football both on and off the field, is that it’s far more than a “game.” Football teaches you life lessons in regards to sacrifice, desire, responsibility, accountability, determination, & perseverance. These traits can build a boy into a man.


Q: What position do you play and why do you think you play that position better than others?

I play defensive tackle which is an interior defensive linemen. What separates me from others is my ability of preparation & pursuit. The basics limit your game because everyone at the next level has the same techniques. The intangibles that separate you from others are the things no one likes to do and then you perfect them.

Q: What excites you/what do you love about the game?

What excites me about the game is the grind and waking up with having the opportunity to get better on the daily basis.

Q: Who has influenced you the most throughout your football career?

The people who have influenced me the most are my coaches & trainers: Kailym Hazel, Steve Rankin, Marcus Hilliard, Alvin Parker, James Montesano, Dave Patrella, Ralph Dass, Justin Moore and  J’Vonne Parker, Kevin Unseat, and Pepper Johnson. All these coaches directly correlate with career from high school until now.

Q: What professional athlete do you look up to and why?

I look up to Kobe Bryant, because of his work ethic. I’m firm a believer of hard work because to be successful you need to put in the work daily.

Q: What are your goals with football and BSN?

My goal with football is play in the NFL for a decade. My goal with BSN is to showcase everything I have been working on since I was released in 2016.

Q: How do you plan to improve your skills?

I plan to improve my skills by dissecting my weaknesses and putting in the time and effort to improve them daily.

Q:How are you preparing for the 2017 National Scouting Combine?


How I prepared for the 2017 National Combine is with K Strength Sports, Pro Edge, & Hackensack, UMC Fitness & Wellness Powered by the NYG.




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