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Well I ended up playing for two teams due to being traded, but I started out on the Bearcats and then played the last game of the season on the Detroit Generals. I enjoyed every moment of it though, it was a great experience for me being able to just play football and continue to work on my craft in hopes to get the exposure I needed to progress to a higher professional level.


I would out work everyone in the weight room, on the field, and in the film room. I knew that in order to separate myself I would physically dominate who ever I was up against because I knew that will be a knock on me saying if he struggles vs a kid from a smaller school there is no way he can make it vs a big school kid.

Matt Zakzrewski

GIVE US AN IDEA OF HOW YOU STAYED IN SHAPE AND “READY FOR THE CALL” AT A MOMENTS NOTICE? I still work out every day with either at least some position drill work on a off day or a full 2-3 hour workout consisting of high intensity interval training and some combine work to be ready if I get a call to do a work out for any teams.

WHAT WERE YOUR GOALS WHEN YOU GOT TO NEW HAVEN? DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ACHIEVED THEM? I wanted to win a championship and make New Haven Football standards rise, now unfortunately I fell short of winning a championship but I believe I made the standards of New Haven football rise by doing extra work outs part of the norm during free time between classes during the week or after practice and making time for extra film study with teammates instead of just designated time with coaches.

WHAT IS YOUR BEST MEMORY FROM HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE/PRO SO FAR? Going undefeated my senior season in High School and winning a state title.

WHAT IMPACT HAS YOUR COACH HAD ON YOU? WHAT CAN YOU SHARE THAT HAS MADE A DIFFERENCE IN YOUR GAME/LIFE? My coaches have always pushed me to be a better football player and better man every second of everyday. When I was a freshman I used to think my coach was just mean and did not like me but by the end of my college career I understood they just wanted to make me the best version of myself possible. Nothing comes easy in football and in life so I better get used to it and I am thankful they were as hard on me as they had made me not quit in anything I do, on the field or in the classroom.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO A COACH, SCOUT OR GM TO SEEL YOURSELF IF YOU HAD 30 SECONDS TO DO SO? Just give me a chance to play. I will out work anywhere, just give me the opportunity to play ball. I am a student of the game and want to learn as much as I can.

“Nothing comes easy in football and in life so I better get used to it and I am thankful they were as hard on me as they had made me not quit in anything I do, on the field or in the classroom.”

HOW DO YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY FROM A NUTRITIONAL STANDPOINT? ANY ADVICE FOR THE YOUNGER ATHLETES? Honestly it goes back to the old saying of “you are what you eat” so I stay away from junk food and make sure I crush protein and cup or two of vegetables a day and always have water near me to drink.

IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND GIVE THE YOUNGER VERSION OF YOURSELF SOME ADVICE, WHAT WOULD THAT BE? Do the little things every day and the big things will take care of themselves

WHAT PLANS DO YOU HAVE FOR LIFE AFTER FOOTBALL? WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF TEN YEARS FROM NOW? I Hope I had a great football career and own my own gym so I can stay a little shape and be around people that love the grind as much as I do.

PROVIDE OUR READERS A GLIMPSE OF WHO MATT ZAKRZEWSKI IS AWAY FROM FOOTBALL? WHAT IS YOUR STORY? Honestly, I am kind of a weird breed. I guess people would call me meathead/gamer if I am not working out I am either helping my family out with something or playing video games. I am also a big fan of going to the movies.

YOU WERE INVITED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE INATIONAL SCOUTING COMBINE. TELL US ABOUT THAT EXPERIENCE . WOULD YOU RECOMMEND IT TO ASPIRING PRO ATHLETES? I would totally recommend it to anyone who needs exposure to display that they have the tools to make it to the next level of ball.

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