How would you like to see yourself promoted to other teams? Certain physical skills? Mental skills? Abilities? Please explain…

I would like to be promoted any way I can get it. I’ve been told that my power is good and motor is non stop. Mentally I’m a natural born leader and the best defensive player free agent right now. Abilities I can stop the run and man to man skills are improving as a linebacker and I can rush the passer from a DE/OLB.


Talk about what has transpired since your participation in the 2016 National Scouting Combine. Did you receive a workout? Tryout? Contract? And if so, with who and where?

Since the 2016 NSC I played in the MIFL (Major Indoor Football League) for the River City Thunder under coach Reggie Shipp. Led my team in tackles and sacks and was selected to the MIFL all star game. I’ve also receive a invite to play in Florida for Team America vs. Team World in January.


Social Media can play both a positive and negative role in athlete’s lives… what is your approach when using social media and what are your goals on a monthly basis?

I approach my social as a business especially Facebook. I have my own football site on Facebook where I post my workout videos. I also post them on my personal Facebook and Instagram, my videos always receive a decent amount of attention. I also find coaches and scouts from different teams and different leagues, inbox them so I can introduce myself, send them my film and all. The goal is to always get better in every aspect of life not just on the football field.


How do you train to stay focused on your position and improving everything from speed to strength and technique?

For my speed I do ladders/hurdle drills, hill sprints and K Band workouts to increase my speed. For strength I hit the weights often and for technique as a linebacker or outside rush linebacker, I work on the basic fundamentals.


How do you think the National Scouting Combine can be improved to help athletes get to where they want?

Have more scouts attending the combine, more scouts equals more looks. You can never have enough scouts, that’s all I think that can improve.


How serious do you take your nutrition? Do you make this a key factor in supplementing your workouts?

I’m taking my nutrition serious now after a few conversations I’ve had with coach Jimmy Johnson, a coach from the NSC. I don’t do supplements often, just go work every day.


How has the National Scouting Combine affected you?

The National Scouting Combine affected me in a positive way. With football I learned my strengths and my weaknesses that I need to improve on. I also built some relationships with the coaches from the combine.


Describe in detail what your diet consists of.

My diet consists of a lot of pasta honestly, I love spaghetti! If not that I eat a lot of baked fish and chicken or with rice and some greens. Every morning I workout and I can’t workout with a heavy stomach so I eat a apple every morning before training.


Take us through a training session and what keeps you motivated on a weekly basis.

Ok all my sessions are pretty tough but Thursdays are the longest days of the week for me. My brother Josh and I run hill sprints to work on speed, crawl the hill frontwards, backwards and side ways to work on will. Then end it will a full body workout at the gym. What keeps me motivated is that I know I can play professional football and I want to but nobody going to give it to me I have to take it.


How have you been preparing for opportunities in the past months?

The past few months I’ve just been training. My mindset is to stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. I really can’t afford a trainer so I look up workouts every night and work on my weaknesses to the best of my ability.