Social Media can play both a positive and negative role in athlete’s lives… what is your approach when using social media and what are your goals on a monthly basis?

Social Media can definitely have an effect in an athlete’s life it’s up to the athlete to make sure that it is not a distraction to himself or his teammates. My approach when it comes to social media is to be uplifting and positive when posting and to be motivational to people because you never know what someone is going through and your message could be the message that helps them make it through the day. My monthly goals on social media are to be as positive and uplifting as possible and to be there for anyone who needs someone to be there for them and to be a positive role model to people.

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How do you train to stay focused on your position and improving everything from speed to strength and technique?

Training for me has to do a lot with the mental aspect of it. I put it in my head what my daily goals are in the weight room and on the field is and I don’t stray away from these goals. To stay focused I have to remember why I started the process and always remember what my why is. My Why is greater than any pain or fatigue that a workout can put me through. To improve my speed, strength and technique I pay attention to detail and work on the fundamentals. I have always paid a lot of attention to detail so training is no different I am sure to try to get my training techniques to near perfect before I can be satisfied.

How serious do you take your nutrition? Do you make this a key factor in supplementing your workouts?

I take my nutrition very serious. I have an Associates Degree in Kinesiology and Wellness, so I have learned a lot about the different types of things that you should and should not eat. I wake up early every morning and make a healthy breakfast, and I am sure to have enough nutrition throughout the day so that I am able to perform at the best of my abilities at all times. My nutrition is definitely a key factor in supplementing my workouts, I am sure to have a small snack an hour before my workout and another snack, protein shake or meal between 30 minutes to an hour after my workout to promote optimum muscle growth.

Describe in detail what your diet consists of.

My diet mainly consists of clean eating; I eat a lot of grilled or baked chicken, salads at least twice a day if not one for every meal, sweet potatoes are big in my diet I eat a lot of fruit, I usually eat 1-2 grapefruits a day as well as take my one a day vitamins, calcium and fish oil pills. I have 1 or 2 protein shakes a day depending on what workouts happen on the day. I eat extremely healthy so that I can get the most out of my body, I eat a lot of low fat foods and I try to stay away from sugar and sweets as much as possible.

mardis4Take us through a training session and what keeps you motivated on a weekly basis.

A typical training session with me is very intense and not for the weak minded. I start off with stretches to get my body loose and then I do a dynamic warm up to make sure my body is 100% ready to workout. Next, I go to the field where I’m doing my speed/explosive workout for the day and start out with a few sprints to make sure I’m warm and then do a few sets of resisted sprints with either a band or parachute and then after I do all of my resisted running sets I do unresisted sprints and then do footwork drills and bag drills. After doing my unresisted sprints and bag drills I run 40’s for time, then run suicides for time for conditioning and then warm down. After I warm down I stretch again and prepare to go into the weight room and start my lifting. Lifting wise I do a lot of strength development and muscle endurance exercises, sets, reps, etc. your body has to not only be very strong but able to be strong for a long time in the game of football and with the workouts that I put myself through I do that.
To stay motivated on a weekly basis I think about my family, they have been behind me throughout my life on and off of the field and I always remember the sacrifices that they have made for me to be in the situation that I am in. Also, I always talk to my friends/family who have done big things in sports that have or are playing on the Professional level. It motivates me to think that one day soon I will be able to be playing with or against them at some time and be a professional athlete myself, that has always been my goal and it is what motivates me.

How have you been preparing for opportunities in the past months?

Outside of practice I have been working heavily on my footwork, also I have been working on combine drills to get ready for tryouts, combines, and Pro Day in the months to come. I have also been working out almost everyday to get my body in the best physical shape that I possibly can to be ready for opportunities that will come.

What drill(s) do you think is most important to work on in order to make a team?

I believe it is important to work on all of the drills that you can in order to make a team because in the end, everything counts and you don’t want to be unprepared when it is your opportunity to shine in front of coaches and scouts.

How do you obtain information about what is the best way to improve your skills (online, trainers, etc.)?

I get a lot of my information on what I need to improve on from my trainer, coaches and mentors. I also conduct extensive Internet research looking for the best and latest training techniques. The Internet has a wealth of film and information that I use on a daily basis. I watch, emulate and train with players on all levels who strive to be the best.

How would you like to see yourself promoted to other teams? Certain physical skills? Mental skills? Abilities? Please explain.

I am a very versatile athlete that can be used in the running game and the passing game. I have vision, power, soft hands, and excellent pass catching skills. I am also a very good headhunter on special teams. I pride myself in being a great blocker and a team-first athlete. I am a student of the sport and consider it more than just a game but a way of life. I watch film and workout daily but I still maintain a 3.75 GPA.