How do you obtain information about what is the best way to improve your skills (online, trainers, etc.)?

The best way to improve my skills is working individually and focusing on a certain part of my game or body to perfect. Having a trainer is great because they push my body to other limits.

How would you like to see yourself promoted to other teams? Certain physical skills? Mental skills? Abilities? Please explain…

I’m a solid built defensive back, that’s fast and aggressive. Can line up against slot and tight end, play the post and the box. When adversity hits I never fold under pressure “Bend but don’t break” attitude.

James Williamson

James Williamson

Talk about what has transpired since your participation in the 2016 National Scouting Combine. Did you receive a workout? Tryout? Contract? And if so, with who and where?

I talked to many teams through out the process and my agent was in contact with few NFL teams as well. I was on Montreal Allouettes for roookie mini camp

Social Media can play both a positive and negative role in athlete’s lives… what is your approach when using social media and what are your goals on a monthly basis?

I love social media my approach is to mainly inspire people, social media is a glimpse of my life but not full representation. I would never post anything outrageous because I don’t participate in those type of activities.

How do you train to stay focused on your position and improving everything from speed to strength and technique?

I train with professional trainers or other athletes I can benefit from. When we train we do more of an advance style, we also learn why we using certain techniques so we can better understand and apply it

How do you think the National Scouting Combine can be improved to help athletes get to where they want?

More scouts and publicity on social media of top athletes could definitely help. Through my whole process I think if I had more exposure it would’ve help me as well

How serious do you take your nutrition? Do you make this a key factor in supplementing your workouts?

I don’t have a certain plan, I just eat and drink as much protein I can and try to stay away from pork.

How has the National Scouting Combine affected you?

It helped me a lot because it got me in contact with Russ Lande who invited me to a Montreal workout which landed me in Canada.