Social Media can play both a positive and negative role in athlete’s lives… what is your approach when using social media and what are your goals on a monthly basis?

My goals for social media are pretty simple. I also produce music so im always using social media as an outlet or networking tool!
It makes things easier to market myself in other ways as well. With a fan base and people to listen creates a support system for whatever i choose to do in life!

Describe in detail what your diet consists of.

I take what i put in my body very seriously because diabetes and high blood pressure runs in my family. So as of now my protein levels are high and my cholesterol is low but I can always be better. I love to eat carrots, green beans, celery, and different salads. After every meal I spend 5-10 mins to burn or stretch my body to not get stiff or end up in a food coma.

Take us through a training session and what keeps you motivated on a weekly basis.

At the moment I don’t have a set workout regiment but when I do hit the gym its planned!
First thing I like to work on is my legs and core! Without those being strong everything else doesn’t matter!
After my legs and core I move on to triceps and biceps. Since I play QB also I use the arm pulls in a throwing motion to create stability from my legs to my arm. When I’m bench pressing I usually start low and work my way up! 3 sets of ten and the higher I go up in weight the less reps I do! I go jogging every day if I have the time! Usually just around the neighborhood or on a good day I’ll just run with no destination!

What drill(s) do you think is most important to work on in order to make a team?

I believe the best workouts to see where a person stands on the field would be. Shuttle runs, foot work drills, route running, Fast release(WR and QB) Duck walks, high jumps etc…

How do you obtain information about what is the best way to improve your skills (online, trainers, etc.)?

I mainly get a lot of training techniques from the guys I play with and guys I’m coached by but when they’re not around I use YouTube like most people. Whatever I feel like I’m lacking in I will watch film on the strongest or fastest person in that drill. I look for fluid work. People that male it look easy because it has become natural for them and things aren’t forced. Its a part of you now!

How would you like to see yourself promoted to other teams? Certain physical skills? Mental skills? Abilities? Please explain…

I want teams to look at me as a solid leader! Someone who doesn’t talk unless it means something. A dedicated guy who’s had ups and down in life and now knows what to do with the opportunities that present themselves! I want a team to believe in me like I believe in myself. That is the only way to become a family and not just another player. Belief!