Right now, Alex Smith is on pace to have by far the best statistical season of his career. He is 5 TD passes away from his total last year, and we’re only 5 weeks in. There is a very real chance that he could win the MVP this year and I see no reason he wouldn’t if he stays on his current pace.

Right now, Smith (statistically) is the best performing QB in the NFL. He leads the league in completion percentage, passing touchdowns, TD/INT ratio and passer rating. Smith has been one of the most accurate deep passers this season as well. His 142.0 passer rating on deep passes (which the NFL defines as anything past 15 yards) is the best in the league, ahead of Rodgers and Brady. Last season, it would’ve been hilarious to even mention Alex Smith in the same sentence with Rodgers or Brady. He also has 108 yards and a touchdown on the ground. So what triggered this elevated level of play? The Chiefs traded up to get the 10th overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, and they selected QB Patrick Mahomes. In the preseason, many thought Mahomes had a chance to start over Alex Smith as he brought some true excitement to the Kansas City offense. I truly believe the acquisition of Mahomes lit a fire under Smith and pushed him to show that he is the Chiefs QB and no rookie is taking his job.

However, there’s more to give credit to than just Smith himself. Head Coach Andy Reid has done an excellent job of surrounding Smith with a plethora of weapons, including last year’s breakout star Tyreek Hill and Kareem Hunt, the tailback who has ruined fantasy football for many, many people. Hunt is the league’s leading rusher and has also been a huge receiving threat for the Chiefs. And let’s not forget Travis Kelce, who has been dominant when he’s not injured or throwing his towel at refs. The Chiefs, in my opinion, have the most complete and well-rounded roster in the NFL and Alex Smith has been the beneficiary of that.

Despite his early success, Alex Smith has a history of inching closer and closer to mediocrity during the colder months of the season. It’s on him to show everyone that he has what it takes to lead this team loaded with talent to Super Bowl 52.