Alex Little is a defensive end who has been training himself and making BIG plans to get to the NFL since he was a kid.

Little has been playing football for 11 years and first got involved with the game by playing midget football. He ended up quitting because he didn’t enjoy it at the time, but everything changed once he got to junior high. When got to the 7th grade of his first year at Central Junior High School in West Lawn, Pa, the head football coach, Coach Fernsler, wanted Little to come out for the team that year. Little didn’t feel like he would be good enough and declined. The following year in 8th grade, he was encouraged and felt ready to start playing for the team. He went to Coach Fernsler’s office and told him he would be coming out.

As defensive end, he believes he plays this position better than others because he know’s there’s always work to be done on his part and he’s coachable. He says he’s constantly evolving as an athlete, and his faith in Jesus Christ keeps him focused.
“But no matter how broken, beaten or battered you feel, you have to get up and carry on because it’s necessary to finishing this game of life.”
 What little has learned on the field is that it’s more important to be the brains then the brawns. He agrees with the saying “football is 75% mental and 25% physical.” Because being able to read the offenses play before it happens and having the brawns second, is vital to get past blockers to shut the play down. Off the field, Little has learned durability.
He says “You’re going to take hits and have many obstacles, that’s the inevitable. But no matter how broken, beaten or battered you feel you have to get up and carry on because it’s necessary to finishing this game of life.”
His favorite part about the game of football is the comradery.
“People from all over the world with different stories come together and become one strong unit of friends and/or brothers that go to eat for each other every week and every day, both inside and outside the game of football.”
The most influential person throughout Little’s career has been his father, Steven Little, who passed away when Alex Little was 7yrs old. He was a Super Middleweight Champion in 1994. However, his fathers “feats” as an athlete weren’t the only things that influenced him, but also how hard his dad worked to support his mom, him, and Alex’s 5 other siblings everyday with no complaints. Another influential person in Little’s life is the NFL defensive end, Dwight Freeney, because he is humble, handles adversity well and they share the same birthday.

Little has recently been with the Reading Raptors in preparation for the upcoming indoor season in MIFL. However, earlier this February, he was drafted into the 2017 Rivals Professional Football League as the 4th pick in the 5th round to the Michigan Bearcats. He left the Reading Raptors and has been in preparation on his own for the National Scouting Combine, and for camp with the Bearcats.

His goals with football and BSN are to make it to the NFL, become a starter, and help lead the team into playoffs. He plans to reach his goals by utilizing his resources with Jimmy Kibble and BSN.