Social media networks, recruiting websites and any kind of sports website with a registration or membership seem to be “run of the mill” these days and unfortunately they all seem to be “open to the public” for joining. What makes Beyond Sports Network different and unique is that this is not a network for everyone. In fact we have an exclusive registration process so that we can weed out anyone who does not fall under specific categories such as an athlete, agent, coach, scout, trainer, nutritionist, sports therapist, team owners, or those who work for a team or own a sports business.

Our goal is to keep our community exclusive to those who play and work in the world of sports so that the content and experience in valuable. We want to educate our members and present information that can help them identify opportunities with as little risk as possible. There are so many different things available to our demographic these days that it is hard to decipher what brings value and what does not. There are a number of so called opportunities that are not providing athletes true opportunities to present their talents to the next level and we do our very best to weed out the opportunities that are mainly “fundraising” for individual purposes.

  • Access to real sports members from all levels.
  • Articles, Interviews and Scouting Reports regarding our members.
  • The most comprehensive sports profiles found on the internet.
  • Ability to store and document your entire sports career from youth to the pros.
  • A profile that can be presented as a resume.
  • Access to a directory of teams, companies and events.
  • Educational information geared towards your specific level or needs.
  • Insight to exclusive opportunities from teams looking for talent.
  • Access to exclusive BSN events along with national/international promotion.
  • The best way to take your game to the next level both on and off the field.
  • Opportunity to tell your story through interviews and get scouted.