Since 2007, Beyond Sports Network challenges the limits of the internet to help athletes promote their athletic abilities, accomplishments and talents to coaches and scouts at the “Next Level”.


Since 2010, Beyond Sports Network has been conducting pro football combines in order to help athletes promote themselves to professional coaches.


Beyond the Sidelines is reserved for our members and provides another angle to assist them in receiving the exposure that might take their game to the next level. We have a simple approach: What’s Your Story?


Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation that provides free combine “testing” events to help athletes from all walks of life afford the opportunity to be evaluated by the collegiate levels.

Beyond Sports Network is the ultimate resource for athletes, coaches, parents and those who work in the sports industry to develop their brand and explore the opportunities to play or work at the “next level”. Our network provides members with the ability to document their entire sports career starting at the club level and extending to the professional levels – both on and off the field. Our goal is to help you tell your story to coaches, scouts, recruiters and employers. From athletes to interns to coaches and scouts, we have helped hundreds of members pursue the and achieve their dreams.

Inside BSN you can share your playing experience from every level of competition. Your profile grows with you from level to level so that you can develop the ultimate sports resume. Share photos, highlights and game film to catch the eyes of scouts and recruiters. Coaches, scouts and sports professionals can promote their organizations and events to the community. Use your exclusive BSN profile link to make sure everyone knows how and where to follow you!

BSN was created so that all sports could benefit from having exclusive platform that is solely dedicated to all your athletic needs away from all the other social media available. We take security very seriously and have a vetting process in place so that we can do our very best to ensure only those who belong in our community are sports based individuals. We provide an exclusivity for you to connect with a like minded sports community and removing all the distractions that exist outside of your sports world.

Beyond Sports Network

BSN was founded in late 2007 by Jimmy Kibble to help athletes navigate the world of sports to avoid missing opportunities to reach the “next level”. Starting out primarily as a ‘social network’ for athletes and coaches, Beyond Sports Network has continually evolved into a leader in events and opportunities that help athletes succeed. What makes Beyond Sports Network and our new Foundation a great choice for aspiring athletes is our approach to helping them achieve success through our website, exclusive sports profiles, individual evaluations & consultations, media coverage, sports testing events and camps. We value the time and money that goes into chasing a sports dreams and we do our best to make sure that neither is ever wasted. This is why you will find the best opportunities and the lowest prices in the industry with BSN. We have branched out in a number of different directions that allow us to provide a variety of content through our media department. We have created an internship program that allows ambitious writers and scouts to gain experience and eventually gain employment in the world of sports. In 2013 we began developing an idea to further help aspiring athletes; The Beyond Sports Network Foundation – which will provide free events to athletes at the high school level and more so to the underprivileged athlete looking for a chance to get educated on what he/she needs to improve on, getting validated information on their performances and his or her name out to college coaches recruiting for their respective program(s). BSN provides an array of services from athletic events & recruiting to web design & development. Whatever your needs are, we can assist you. Contact us to learn more about how we can make you more successful.

From the CEO & Founder: Jimmy Kibble

slider1It is my pleasure to welcome you to Beyond Sports Network. As a former athlete, I have been working to help younger athletes transition to the “Next Level” and avoid all the pitfalls I went through during my career. This is why I created Beyond Sports Network as my career came to a close. I wanted a way to help athletes and influence their ability to reach the highest level of competition. Had it not been for the guidance and encouragement of my father, a select few coaches and mentors along the way, I am not sure if I could have made it as far as I did. Now, we are working to make modern day technology and resources available in one place for athletes, coaches, parents, and teams to access and use for their benefit. What I am excited about in 2015 is the launch of our new 501(3)(c) non profit: the Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. In 2014 we ran a pilot program for high school athletes by offering free sports combines. Our goal is to operate free (local/regional) combines and camps that will increase the participation of underprivileged athletes while providing youth and high school athletes the opportunity to become educated on their abilities and what they can do to improve their chances to achieving the goal of competing at high school and collegiate levels. Imagine providing every athlete from your local area the opportunity to receive a quality event where they can test their abilities and get educated on what it takes to reach the next level… all at no cost! This is what we plan to do in as many towns and cities across the nation over the next few years, so look out for BSN in your community. Through these events and mentorship, we hope to influence athletes to strive for greatness, achieve success on and off the field, and develop their skills for future success.

Best of Luck,
Jimmy Kibble


In 5 years, 25% ( 1 in 4) of the players who have attended the BSN National Scouting Combine have received tryouts, workouts and/or contracts in the NFL (21), CFL (10), AFL (21), Indoor (51), Europe & CAFL (19)!


We want to help share your personal athletic story and promote your career regardless of what level you compete at. We cater to our members to ensure they are receiving exposure globally!

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We help student athletes with free sports combines and education resources for on & off the field advancement.

Beyond Sports Network Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation that provides Free sports “testing” events to help athletes from all walks of life afford the opportunity to showcase their talents and be evaluated by the collegiate levels. Our goal is to educate athletes in the areas of internet/social media safety, training, nutrition and recruiting.

Learn more about the BSN Foundation and what we do to help youth and high school athletes through combines, education and more!

Check out the results, film and photos from the different events we run with the youth and high schools!

Contact us with questions or to have us come to your high school and conduct a FREE Combine!

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