The most exclusive social platform created for all sports and for every level of competition.
Advancing YOUR career starts inside BSN!


The most exclusive social platform created for all sports and for every level of competition.
Advancing YOUR career starts inside BSN!


Scout & discover talent with out exclusive and intuitive social network built for the athletic world. Learn about our members from their profiles. We have the most comprehensive profile system found on the internet!

  • Connect & communicate with athletes from all levels and on a global scale.
  • Review bio’s, film, media, from each member.
  • Network with other coaches, scouts and teams.
  • Scout for potential coaching candidates and promote openings within BSN.
  • Promote your events to our members.
  • Create groups to stay connected with your current & former athletes.


Beyond Sports Network was created by athletes just like you! We provide you with the most comprehensive profile that allows you to showcase your athletic abilities. Your BSN profile was built with your entire career in mind! You can document and share every level of competition; club, high school, college, professional and even use your profile beyond! This becomes your ultimate resume!! We also developed this network with YOU in mind to provide educational, informational and insightful resources 24/7/365.

  • Build the most complete athletic resume and portfolio for coaches & scouts to evaluate you from.
  • Document your entire career in one place!
  • Share photos, videos, bio and more!
  • Learn from, communicate & interact with certified professionals in real time inside BSN.
  • BSN will help you learn how to market yourself to the “next level”.
  • Be featured in Beyond the Sidelines with an exclusive interview!


Years of blood, sweat and tears got you this far… or has it? Beyond Sports Network has helped keep the dream and goal of playing professionally alive for many athletes over the years. With the help of our comprehensive profiles that provide coaches & scouts all the information they need to evaluate you combined with our pro events, there is no better place to call home as a professional athlete. BSN is here to help keep you in the game and advancing your career, both on and off the field!

  • Build the most complete athletic resume and portfolio for coaches & scouts to evaluate you from.
  • Document your entire career, from your club/high school days until now all in one place!
  • Share your photos, videos, bio and more!
  • Gain free access to one of our exclusive National Scouting Combine events as an annual member.
  • Provide coaches & scouts easy access to your career.
  • Use your exclusive Beyond Sports Network profile to advance in post-playing opportunities!


If you are a sports agent, sports adviser, or a sports consultant, you can use Beyond Sports Network to find talent, promote your clients, advise and more. The athletic profiles found here are the most comprehensive found anywhere on the internet. Your membership within our exclusive network will advance your ability to scout, network and promote!

  • Advertise and promote your services here to members focused on athletic necessities.
  • Promote your clients with exclusive profiles.
  • Recruit & scout for potential clients; athletes & coaches!
  • Create groups to promote your company, services, products and information that can help our members.
  • Provide insight, advice, and opportunities.


Just because your game is over doesn’t mean you need to be out of the game. With Beyond Sports Network you can continue to contribute to the athletic community in other capacities. You can document your entire career, promote your abilities and strengths as both a retired athlete and professional. We want to provide you with the resources to stay involved whether it be advancing your career in the real world or contributing back to the younger athletes with your advice, expertise or through your business. Once an athlete, always an athlete! Help us provide more mentorship to those still seeking the dream!

  • Discover, develop or promote your personal athletic identity or brand on Beyond Sports Network.
  • Connect & communicate with other sports professionals in an exclusively athletic platform.
  • Find potential career opportunities.
  • Showcase your career with a comprehensive sports resume (profile).
  • Connect with other members and former teammates.
  • Become a Certified Professional within BSN and influence our members for the better.


Beyond Sports Network is about helping athletes beyond the game. We want to invite you to come on board to help us influence our members with valuable information, career opportunities and business resources. This is an opportunity to connect with real athletic members from all the levels of competition. Whether you are looking for the next potential employable candidate or clients that need your services, we provide a great platform that focuses on those with sports backgrounds. We welcome you to consider becoming a Certified Professional here on Beyond Sports Network to provide our members with your expertise!

  • Scout profiles and connect with our members.
  • Create a group for your business to connect directly with our athletic minded members.
  • Contribute information about job opportunities, services, products and more.
  • Post videos, photos, and promotions directly to our members.
  • Support BSN Exclusive events through sponsorships, partnerships and/or at the event venue.


Beyond Sports Network is a premium networking resource that bridges the gap between athletes and teams. This also includes those who work in the sports industry and want to develop their personal brand or explore the opportunities to succeed at the “next level”. Our network provides members with the ability to document their entire sports career starting at the club level and extending to the professional levels – both on and off the field. Our goal is to help you tell your story, promote and share your individual talents, learn from experts and expand your knowledge. From athletes to interns to coaches and scouts, we have helped hundreds of members pursue the and achieve their dreams.

Beyond Sports Network is a common ground for like-minded individuals to share and traffic in information easily, quickly, and conveniently. America needs a network for serious athletes to connect with the interested parties in their field. In today’s climate of professional sports, from the Big 4 (MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL) to all of the contiguous leagues looking to fill roster spots. Currently, athletes are left to popular social networks to market themselves. In today’s cultural climate, athletes at every level are under intense scrutiny for basic character flaws and understandable judgement errors illuminated by free public social media. BSN believes we can provide a focused environment for pertinent information sharing for the purpose of facilitating a positive career in sport.

The true beauty of the BSN is expressed in it’s simple and effective synergy. BSN is a unique network that provides its own certified content not only from it’s users (typical of social networks) but from a team of certified professionals conducting a testing event (National Scouting Combine) using the latest widely accepted methods to showcase their athlete members. The only of it’s kind.


In 5 years, 25% ( 1 in 4) of the players who have attended the BSN National Scouting Combine have received tryouts, workouts and/or contracts in the NFL (21), CFL (10), AFL (21), Indoor (51), Europe & CAFL (19)!

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