Beyond Sports Network is a premium resource that bridges the gap between athletes and the next level. We provide first-class sports eventsthrough our “National Scouting Combine” brand. We strive to assist athletes by telling their story through our “Beyond the Sidelines” news platform.Our 501(c)(3) non-profit, the “BSN Foundation, Inc.” was created to provide the best combine experience for amateur athletes at no cost, and by leveling the playing field, athletes from all walks of life can have an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities and become potential candidatesfor recruitment at the collegiate and professional levels.

The National Scouting Combine events are unique because of the approach we taketo testing, measuring and assessing each participant. The information and data that we gather is unmatched to any other event and is paving the way with a better method of identifying top talent for coaches, scouts, teams and leagues across all levels. Theseevents take place at the local, regional and national levels and our goal is to find out whoare the best athletes in the nation!


Is to develop a rich environment of educational content to assist athletes, coaches and parents, at the various levels of competition, with the kind of information that will help them advance their sports career. We conduct an annual national event, the National Scouting Combine, for aspiring professional athletes and help provide opportunities to reach the various professional levels. We also conduct events at the local, regional and national levels to identify the best high school athletes in the country for a true national (invite only) event at the high school and professional levels. Our vision includes developing strategic partnerships that will dominate the world of sports across all levels and sports to enhance all lives for the better.

If there is one thing we are focused on accomplishing with all that Beyond Sports Network will have to offer; will be to change the landscape of sports by offering athletes the opportunities to make better choices throughout their lives through the support and information provided in our network.