Beyond Sports Network is a premium resource that bridges the gap between athletes and the next level. We provide first-class sports events through our National Scouting Combine and Beyond Sports Network Foundation. We strive to assist athletes by telling their story through personal interviews our “Beyond the Sidelines” news platform. Our 501(c)(3) non-profit, the “BSN Foundation, Inc.” was created to provide the best combine experience for amateur athletes at no cost, and by leveling the playing field, athletes from all walks of life can have an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities and become potential candidatesfor recruitment at the collegiate and professional levels.

The National Scouting Combine events are unique because of the approach we take to testing, measuring and assessing each participant. The information and data that we gather is unmatched to any other event and is paving the way with a better method of identifying top talent for coaches, scouts, teams and leagues across all levels. 


Beyond Sports Network was created by athletes just like you! We provide Athletes with awesome opportunities to showcase their abilities to coaches and scouts at the various levels of competition. We have the National Scouting Combine for aspiring pro athletes and the Beyond Sports Network Foundation (free combines) for high school & youth athletes!

  • Opportunity to showcase one’s abilities.
  • Credible events and testing.
  • BSN Provides year round educational resources to help athletes advance their careers on and off the field.
  • BSN will help you learn how to market yourself to the “next level”.
  • Have your combine stats provided to coaches & scouts at the next level!


Scout & discover talent from our exclusive combine events. The National Scouting Combine provides information and stats for aspiring pro athletes. The Beyond Sports Network Foundation provides info and stats from high school and youth athletes.

  • Connect & communicate with aspiring pro athletes from all levels and on a global scale.
  • Receive results and player information directly from our staff.
  • Work with BSN Staff to find specific talent requirements.
  • Attend exclusive BSN Events.


Years of blood, sweat and tears got you this far… or has it? Beyond Sports Network has helped keep the dream and goal of playing professionally alive for many athletes over the years. BSN is here to help keep you in the game and advancing your career, both on and off the field!

  • Share your background, career and expertise with young athletes at our events.
  • Contribute to the BSN Foundation and provide the support so many young athletes need.
  • Work with Beyond Sports Network to bring our Foundation combines to your community.
  • Become influential in athletes lives in person and online through BSN.


We want to work with Businesses to promote your products & services to athletes from all levels. Our National Scouting Combine is a nationally known event for aspiring pro athletes, and the Beyond Sports Network Foundation provides free combine testing to youth/high school athletes around the nation. If you are a sports agent, sports adviser, or a sports consultant, you can use Beyond Sports Network to find talent, promote your clients, and help them receive credible event experience and stats. The National Scouting Combine becomes the best testing/combine option for your clients if they are not invited to perform at the NFL Combine

  • Advertise and promote your products/services at our events .
  • Donate to our Foundation and receive a tax Deduction (501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation.
  • (Agents) Clients can benefit with PR opportunities when donating to the Foundation.
  • Provide products, services or financial support for our events.