Scott Puschell, undeterred

“I don’t make excuses. I put in effort to make the time to do whatever is needed,”

Alex Smith is the MVP… for now

Right now, Alex Smith is on pace to have by far the best statistical season of his career. He is 5 TD passes away from his total last year, and we’re only 5 weeks in. There is a very real chance that he could win the MVP this year and I see no reason he wouldn’t if he...

MLB Postseason: Bringing Shining Light on the Excitement of Baseball

  A Dream Postseason: So Far MLB’s Best Playoffs yet By: Michael Aaron Chase Jr. 10/12/17   For those that find the game of baseball to be not as exciting as other mainstream sports like football or basketball, you obviously have never watched MLB playoff...

Pro Agility – Preparing for the National Scouting Combine

Pro Agility - Preparing for the National Scouting Combine 11 OCTOBER, 2017 Football National Scouting Combine Precision Sports Performance Beyond Sports Network National Scouting Combine The Pro-Agility drill, also called the 5-10-5 drill, is one of the primary...

Recovery- It’s more than a protein shake.

Recovery- We all have heard the word, but what does it really mean in the context of an athlete? It seems like it's everywhere these days. Recovery is a term applied to the refueling and rehydration strategies in the immediate postexercise period to gain...

Jeremy Blount: Finding purpose outside of football

Jeremy Blount: Finding purpose outside of football 09 OCTOBER, 2017 Football CFL National Scouting Combine South Dakota Coyotes Beyond Sports Network Profile: Jeremy Blount Five years later I sit here reminiscing about the development of our first National Scouting...

BSN Exclusive: Matt Zakzrewski

BSN Exclusive: Matt Zakzrewski 06 OCTOBER, 2017 Football RPFL New Haven National Scouting Combine Beyond Sports Network Profile: Matt Zakzrewski YOU RECENTLY HAD YOUR FIRST PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITY PLAYING IN THE (RPFL) RIVALS PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. WHAT TEAM...

Precision Sports Performance: 40 Yard Dash – The Start

Precision Sports Performance: 40 Yard Dash "The Start" 05 OCTOBER, 2017 Precision Sports Performance 40 Yard Dash The Start The start to the 40 yard sprint is arguably the most important part and, if deficient, is where the greatest improvement can be made in the...

Exclusive: Okko Outinen

BSN Exclusive: Okko Outinen 04 OCTOBER, 2017 Football Finland D-Line Beyond Sports Network Profile: Coach Okko Outinen Many football fans love watching an offensive shootout. They say that games with scores of 10-7 or 7-3 are “boring” to watch. Personally,...

BSN Member Feature: Marquis Dobbs

BSN Member Feature: Marquis Dobbs 03 OCTOBER, 2017 Football Indoor Arena Beyond Sports Network Profile: Marquis Dobbs WHAT WOULD YOU SAY TO A COACH, SCOUT OR GM TO SEEL YOURSELF IF YOU HAD 30 SECONDS TO DO SO? I am a talented hard-working guy who loves the sport,...



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Calvin T. Williams Jr.

Calvin T. Williams Jr.

Sports Agent

Calvin Williams Jr.
Sports Agent – TruWill Sports

Williams got his certification for the CFL and over the past 6 years has helped 20 athletes progress to the next level through his own agency “Truwill Sports.” Every year is a learning process he says. The most important thing he has learned as an agent is that “you can’t turn a project into a prospect.”

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Alex Little

Alex Little

Defensive Lineman

6′ 2″, 275Lbs, DL
Orange Coast College

I was briefly with the Pennsylvania Panthers from Philadelphia, Pa this summer 2016, which was my first professional football team. I was also with the Reading Raptors recently. A diamond in the rough, is what I consider myself that is just waiting to be noticed! I attended a tryout in Philadelphia back in November for the Rivals Professional Football League, and I was drafted as the 4 pick in the 5th round of the 2017 RPFL Draft!

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Jon Lyles

Jon Lyles


Jon Lyles
Professional Coach/Owner
Rose City Thorns

A native of East Texas, Jon Lyles is a veteran of arena football, and has built a reputation of turning teams around, setting records, lighting up the scoreboard and winning. Having served in the front office in regards to the business side of football Lyles has created multiple corporate partnerships that were monumental assets to the teams that he has served.

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National Scouting Combine

National Scouting Combine

Wayne, NJ

The National Scouting Combine is coming to Wayne, New Jersey on December 9th to conduct a combine at the Prime Sports Systems facility to test, measure and evaluate athletes who have the ability to compete at the professional levels. The regional events will be exclusive to free agents and Beyond Sports Network will be promoting all the athletes profile, results and film to all the professional teams.

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