Beyond Sports Network is a premium resource that bridges the gap between athletes and the next level. We provide first-class sports events through our “National Scouting Combine” brand. We strive to assist athletes by telling their story through our “Beyond the Sidelines” news platform. Our 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation, the “BSN Foundation, Inc.” was created to provide the best combine experience for amateur athletes at no cost, and by leveling the playing field for athletes from all walks of life. We provide an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities and become potential candidates for recruitment at the collegiate and professional levels.

To develop a combine experience like no other event can provide, utilizing modern technology, to completely measure and assess an participants true athletic ability and showcase that data to coaches at the “Next Level”. The mission of Beyond Sports Network is to provide the most accurate and comprehensive database of athletes and their athletic information available to coaches/scouts/sports personnel across the nation. From affluent to under privileged athletes, the Foundation will provide National Scouting Combine events at no cost, so that all athletes will receive maximum exposure to be discovered by coaches & scouts at the “Next Level”.

Is to develop a rich environment of educational content to assist athletes, coaches and parents, at the various levels of competition, with the kind of information that will help them advance their sports career. We conduct an annual national event, the National Scouting Combine, for aspiring professional athletes and help provide opportunities to reach the various professional levels. We also conduct events at the local, regional and national levels to identify the best high school athletes in the country for a true national (invite only) event at the high school and professional levels. Our vision includes developing strategic partnerships that will dominate the world of sports across all levels and sports to enhance all lives for the better.

If there is one thing we are focused on accomplishing with all that Beyond Sports Network will have to offer; will be to change the landscape of sports by offering athletes the opportunities to make better choices throughout their lives through the support and information provided in our network.

The BSN Foundation is one of America’s first and only non-profit organizations dedicated to the facilitation of student-athlete careers in athletics. Through donations and sponsorships, the BSN Foundation will be able to provide professional testing, education, networking, and perhaps, most importantly, relationship building with the right people in the right positions, without the hassle of skepticism or fear of exploitation. Learn More

Our staff has become extremely proficient at organizing and conducting sports testing and measurement combines since our first combine in 2010. We use state of the art technology and an unbiased approach when testing and measuring athletes. We hold our events in the highest standards and have established the kind of credibility where the data we provide following our events is accepted by pro football leagues across the globe from the NFL to the European leagues. Since inception, our organization has helped nearly a thousand athletes reach the dream of competing at the professional leagues. Learn More


Your tax deductible donation helps us conduct free, professionally run testing combines and educational resources for youth, high school athletes, coaches and parents.

The BSN Foundation will provide combine testing events at no cost to youth and high school athletes across the USA. As we collect the data from hundreds and thousands of athletes from regionally staged events, we will then target colleges and universities with the data and combine reports. Breaking the country into regions, we have identified how many high schools, athletes, colleges and universities reside in each state and region. The plan will be to work with colleges and universities to provide data and reports that are relevant to their recruiting needs based on regional and national interest.

My experience at the National Scouting Combine was an extremely positive one. Coming from a small school (Bryant University – Division I AA), opportunities to showcase my athleticism and measurables to pro scouts were scarce. However, Jimmy and his team gave me that opportunity when they put together a first-class event, in an outstanding venue and invited hundreds of players that had been overlooked or just wanted the opportunity to showcase their abilities. The connections, advice and coaching I received at the 2018 National Scouting Combine were priceless, as many pro scouts and coaches began to get in contact with me during and immediately after the combine. Jimmy and his team did an outstanding job of incorporating new, cutting edge technologies into the combine, while inviting well-respected coaches, scouts and former professional players to run the drills and provide coaching. Jimmy provided me with a platform to chase my dream of playing professional football that I would not otherwise have had, and in turn is part of the reason why many CFL teams took interest in me, why I was invited to Rookie Minicamps with the Jets and Texans and why I have now signed with the Orlando Apollo’s of the new Alliance of American Football League. The invitation to the 2018 National Scouting Combine was a blessing to me and my career and I would recommend any and all small school or overlooked college football player to attend and take advantage of this combine that, with Jimmy leading it, will continue to get better every single year.

Matt Sewall

Bryant University ‘18, WR – Orlando Apollos (AAF)

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2019 National Scouting Combine