Meet CFL Agent: Calvin Williams

Calvin Williams Jr. is a certified CFL Agent who works with Jimmy Kibble to help his athletes get to the pro level. Williams grew up playing football and running track. He continued to play football at the college level and then went on to workout for several teams in...

Exclusive: Whitney Carney

Over the past few weeks, I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting and conversing with professional nutritionist Whitney Carney. She has plenty of experience in the field of dietetics and shows real passion for the field and her clients. As our BSN...

Andrew Luck: NFL MVP

Sounds crazy, right? While Andrew Luck is without a doubt an excellent NFL QB, most people would venture far from calling him the most valuable. Bear with me, and I think you’ll see why I feel this way. The Colts roster for the early 2017 season has been utterly...

Baltimore Ravens: Post-Week One Analysis

There have been varying opinions about how the Baltimore Ravens will perform this season. Some say this team is terrible, some say it’s a contender. Many believe this defense has the potential to be one of the NFL’s best. Of course, everyone is entitled...

Jacoby Brissett: Colts Savior

On Saturday, the Colts traded WR/PR Phillip Dorsett to the Patriots to acquire QB Jacoby Brissett. The trade for Brissett may not seem important to the casual sports fan, but for the Colts this trade could make or break the 2017 NFL season. While the Colts recently...

The Eastern Conference: NBA Wasteland

Golden State Warriors. Houston Rockets. San Antonio Spurs. These are just three of many established teams in the Western Conference. Five teams in the West finished the 2016-2017 regular season with 50 or more wins, two with 60+ wins. Only three teams in the East had...

Manny Machado: Dynamite or Kryptonite?

Manny Machado may very well be the best third-baseman Orioles fans have seen since Brooks Robinson. There’s no doubt that he is a superstar and, unfortunately for the O’s, deserves to be paid like one. The Orioles (as of now) are scheduled to have a payroll of roughly...

Sophomore Success: Why Dak Prescott Will Thrive in 2017

With the 135th pick of the 2016 NFL draft, the Dallas Cowboys selected Dak Prescott, quarterback from Mississippi State University. He was placed third on the depth chart, behind lefty Kellen Moore and established starter Tony Romo. However, as injuries knocked both...

Sports nutrition: What it is and why you should care.

Hey guys! Since I am new to BSN I wanted to drop in and explain why I am here! I am a new dietitian who is currently working in eating disorders, weight management, and seeing private clients including some athletes. Why should athletes see a dietitian? Because proper...

2017 NFL Preview: AFC North

Cleveland Browns Season Outlook: Coming off a 1-15 season, the Browns will be looking to get that first win out of the way. However, the NFL has made that pretty difficult for Cleveland early on. They will open up with Pittsburgh at home, and go on the road to face...



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Calvin T. Williams Jr.

Calvin T. Williams Jr.

Sports Agent

Calvin Williams Jr.
Sports Agent – TruWill Sports

Williams got his certification for the CFL and over the past 6 years has helped 20 athletes progress to the next level through his own agency “Truwill Sports.” Every year is a learning process he says. The most important thing he has learned as an agent is that “you can’t turn a project into a prospect.”

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Alex Little

Alex Little

Defensive Lineman

Tye Heard
6′ 2″, 275Lbs, DL
Orange Coast College

I was briefly with the Pennsylvania Panthers from Philadelphia, Pa this summer 2016, which was my first professional football team. I was also with the Reading Raptors recently. A diamond in the rough, is what I consider myself that is just waiting to be noticed! I attended a tryout in Philadelphia back in November for the Rivals Professional Football League, and I was drafted as the 4 pick in the 5th round of the 2017 RPFL Draft!

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Jon Lyles

Jon Lyles


Jon Lyles
Professional Coach/Owner
Rose City Thorns

A native of East Texas, Jon Lyles is a veteran of arena football, and has built a reputation of turning teams around, setting records, lighting up the scoreboard and winning. Having served in the front office in regards to the business side of football Lyles has created multiple corporate partnerships that were monumental assets to the teams that he has served.

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National Scouting Combine

National Scouting Combine

Wayne, NJ

The National Scouting Combine is coming to Wayne, New Jersey on December 9th to conduct a combine at the Prime Sports Systems facility to test, measure and evaluate athletes who have the ability to compete at the professional levels. The regional events will be exclusive to free agents and Beyond Sports Network will be promoting all the athletes profile, results and film to all the professional teams.

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