National Scouting Combine

National Scouting Combine

Since 2010, Beyond Sports Network has been conducting pro football combines in order to help athletes promote themselves to professional coaches. Our goal is to provide more affordable and valuable opportunities for aspiring professional athletes to attend events. The results are provided on our website and to the professional coaches, scouts & teams at all levels.

Beyond Sports Network developed the National Scouting Combine to bridge the gap between athletes and coaches. Between our combine and network we provide athletes a credible event combined with an exclusive sports profile that showcases their background, videos and accomplishments. Learn more at

2017 National Scouting Combine Promo


Since 2007, Beyond Sports Network challenges the limits of the internet to help athletes promote their athletic abilities, accomplishments and talents to coaches and scouts at the “Next Level”. Our profiles allow members to document their entire sports career. To gain membership you must apply for access so that we can provide a safer online experience. We do this so that our members are “real” when college or pro personnel scout the network.


In early 2010, Beyond Sports Network wanted to help athletes tell their story and share their experiences at every level of competition. We truly enjoy learning more about each athlete and what kind of journey their athletic career has been to date. Beyond the Sidelines is reserved for our members and provides another angle to assist them in receiving the exposure that might take their game to the next level. We have a simple approach: What’s Your Story?


Our mission is to provide youth and high school athletes with an opportunity to be discovered by coaches at the collegiate levels. The Beyond Sports Network Foundation provides these services at no cost which helps inform athletes on their current abilities. Our goal is to educate these athletes on ways to improve their skills in order to maximize their potential and receiving maximum exposure to begin the recruiting process. 


We want to help you understand the technical and mental aspects of kicking/punting so that you can maximize your potential. Our approach is to educate and train athletes by focusing on improving your weakness and improving your strengths. Building confidence in your ability is what we consider to be the key ingredient for future success. We can assist you whether you’re  just starting to learn how to kick/punt or if trying to reach a higher level!


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