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Beyond Sports Network provides exclusivity to those looking to take their game to the highest level through sports events, media, networking, and opportunity. Whether you work or play in sports,
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Our community is 100% free to join and NCAA Compliant. Create your free sports profile, build your resume, and showcase your entire career! BSN Connects you to the 'next level' from high school to the pros!
NCAA has confirmed that the BSN website issues do not constitute an extra benefit. It is permissible for college athletes to establish a "free profile" on this website and provide video and stats because anyone can do so; therefore, it is not an extra benefit as defined by the NCAA bylaws.

Because the service is free and available to all college students as a way of networking and promoting themselves and is not benefiting solely student-athletes or solely All-Americans, there is no violation with NCAA rules.
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Learn from other members in the community and experts we bring in to share valuable information and knowledge. Use our network to stay on top of important dates for events such as combines, tryouts, camps, and more. BSN is for all your sports needs and goals... and you can share your events, info, and knowledge too!